Series: Wild Cam

March 3, 2023

Wild Cam: When humans are away, Glacier wildlife strays

The COVID-19 shutdown provided a natural experiment to understand wildlife behavior in Glacier National Park

February 27, 2023

Wild Cam: Where do sloth bears den?

Female sloth bears may sometimes take risks to gain access to better resources

February 8, 2023

Wild Cam: How does injury affect moose movement patterns?

Researchers captured videos of injured moose using game trails in northern British Columbia

pallas cat
January 19, 2023

Wild Cam: Mongolian wolves, marmots and a feral dog challenge

The wild montane regions of Mongolia are home to a diverse group of mammals, including ibex, one of the largest marmot species on the planet, furry Pallas’s cats and corsac...

December 30, 2022

Wild Cam: Researchers find high mammal diversity in Sonora

Surveys in Sonora, Mexico have found high mammal diversity along waterways, including some washes that lead toward the border into the United States. Field conservationists with Cuenca Los Ojos, a...

November 28, 2022

Wild Cam: California condors take over the carcass buffet

Watch out, golden eagles—a new scavenger is moving into southern Utah, and it might affect your meal ticket. California condors were extirpated from Utah, and from most of their range...

September 23, 2022

Wild Cam: Policing Persian power line safety with the help of kestrels

The best way to keep magpies from building unwieldy and dangerous nests on power lines in Iran may be to encourage kestrels to move in. “We can use one species...

September 22, 2022

Wild Cam: Do parakeets cause significant damage to corn?

For years, corn farmers in Mexico have tried to fight the perceived damage to their corn by leaving out poison for birds and other animals, or by shooting them. Dozens...

August 16, 2022

Wild Cam: The Argentine deer that lost its migratory path

Jo Anne Smith-Flueck and her colleagues floated up to the nearly toothless huemul by boat on Lago La Plata, a clear glacial lake surrounded by pine forests and the snowy...

May 17, 2022

Wild Cam: Species shift active time in cities

For urban wildlife, adapting to city life means changing the times of day when they would usually be active in more natural settings. “In order for species to function within...