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    Your donation supports The Wildlife Society’s efforts to sustain healthy wildlife populations and habitats for generations to come. As a non-profit organization, donations help us create and participate in programs that keep wildlife thriving through research, education, diversity, and networking.

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    The Wildlife Society is designated as a 501(c)3 non-profit association by the IRS (EIN: 52-0788946). Your donation supports The Wildlife Society’s efforts to sustain healthy wildlife populations and habitats for generations to come.

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    Want to further ensure that your legacy reflects your commitment to wildlife science and management for the benefit of future generations? Then consider providing a gift to The Wildlife Society through your estate.

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    Join a prestigious group of TWS members who are inspiring other members into action, leading by example and who are committed to ensuring that TWS will be universally recognized as THE leader in wildlife science, management and conservation.

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Start a Local Chapter

The Wildlife Society has local sections and chapters across North America and beyond for our members to get involved in initiatives in their area. We are always accepting petitions to start a new local chapter if there is a need. Please reach out to Jennifer Murphy at to get started.

Start a Student Chapter

We are always accepting new student chapters. Complete and submit the petition and bylaws to Jennifer Murphy at to get started.

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Get Published

Are you interested in getting published in one of our publications –  Journal of Wildlife Management, Wildlife Society Bulletin, and Wildlife Monographs? To get started, please review the topics accepted by each publication and review our guidelines to select the appropriate outlet and format before submission. We are excited to read your submission! 

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