The 1000With a donation of at least $100, you can participate in a pivotal effort that is having a significant impact on the future of The Wildlife Society by becoming a member of The 1000 today.


This effort was launched in 2014 by former TWS President Bruce Leopold and then-TWS Chief Operating Officer Ed Thompson with the goal of generating an ongoing, additional annual revenue stream of at least $200,000 from 1,000 members who make an annual donation of at least $100. Leading by example, these members fund TWS Strategic Plan initiatives that would otherwise be significantly delayed or unfunded.

As a member of The 1000, you’ll be publicly recognized by tier on the TWS website and in The Wildlife Professional. You’ll also receive an invitation for a very special event at the TWS Annual Conference exclusively for The 1000 and a ribbon for your badge recognizing your leadership. Additionally, you’ll receive updates from current CEO Ed Arnett through The 1000 Report e-newsletter that shares how your generosity is making a difference for TWS, our members, and the next generation of wildlife professionals.

Join the 541 members who have contributed more than $742,000 since 2014 to ensure that TWS is THE voice of wildlife science, management and conservation for generations to come.
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You can become a member of this group today with a tax-deductible gift of at least $100. The mission of The 1000 remains to engage 1,000 members through this campaign.

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