Investing in wildlife and wildlife professionals

About the 1000

This effort was launched in 2014 by former TWS President Bruce Leopold and then-TWS Chief Operating Officer Ed Thompson with the goal of generating an ongoing, additional annual revenue stream of at least $200,000 from 1,000 members who make an annual donation of at least $100. Leading by example, these members fund TWS Strategic Plan initiatives that would otherwise be significantly delayed or unfunded.

As a member of The 1000, you’ll be publicly recognized by tier on the >TWS website and in The Wildlife Professional. You’ll also receive an invitation for a very special event at the TWS Annual Conference exclusively for The 1000 and a ribbon for your badge recognizing your leadership. Additionally, you’ll receive updates from current CEO Ed Arnett through The 1000 Report e-newsletter that shares how your generosity is making a difference for TWS, our members, and the next generation of wildlife professionals.

Thank You

The following individuals are leading by example to preserve the heritage of TWS and create a brighter future that ensures that TWS is the voice of wildlife science, management and conservation for generations to come. Members of the 1000 are listed below based on their total contributions to the initiative to date.

* Charter Member


Alan Wentz

Alan & Jan Wentz* ($155,500+)

Aldo Leopold Award
TWS Fellow
Honorary Member
Past President



Dan & Christine Decker* ($42,600+)

Aldo Leopold Award
TWS Fellow
Honorary Member
Past President

Jim Ramakka

Jim Ramakka* ($41,700+)

TWS Fellow Donation was made “to honor all of the spouses, partners, and significant others who tolerate wildlifers often crazy work schedules and offer support though out our sometimes-chaotic careers.”

Rich Guenzel

Rich Guenzel* ($38,050+)



Cliff Bampton* ($22,000+)


William Andelt ($20,000+)


Gary White

Gary White* ($16,100+)

Past President
Aldo Leopold Award
TWS Fellow
Honorary Member


Darren Miller* ($15,500+)

Past President
TWS Fellow

Nova Silvy

Nova Silvy* ($15,000+)

Aldo Leopold Award
TWS Fellow
Honorary Member
Past President



Wayne Melquist* ($14,000+)

Jim Miller

Jim Miller* ($14,000+)

Aldo Leopold Award
TWS Fellow
Honorary Member
Past President


Shasta Wildlife Conservation Foundation* ($14,000)

In Honor of Marshall White


Ed Thompson* ($12,500+)

Former TWS Chief Executive Officer


Marti Kie* ($12,000)

TWS Fellow


Hurley, Kevin

Kevin Hurley*

TWS Fellow
Life Member


Judith K. Johnson

In loving memory

IMG_9691 (1)

Barb Hill

TWS Fellow

  • $9,000+
    • Robin Fields*
    • Don Yasuda*, TWS Fellow, Past President
  • $8,000+
    • Karl, TWS Fellow, & Karen Martin
    • Dan Stinnett*
  • $7,000+
    • Mark Boyce*, TWS Fellow
    • Darrigan’s Creek Fund*
    • Ron Johnson
    • Marshall White*, Distinguished Service Award
  • $6,000+
    • Bob Lanka*, TWS Fellow, Jim McDonough Award, President
    • Bruce Leopold*, TWS Fellow, Diversity Award, Past President
    • Jean O’Neil*
    • Bruce Thompson*, TWS Fellow, Past President
    • Joe Vaillancourt*, Life Member
  • $5,000+
    • Bob Brown*, TWS Fellow, Past President
    • Jim Cardoza*, TWS Fellow
    • Randy Devendorf*
    • Evie Merrill*, TWS Fellow, Special Recognition Service Award
    • Wayne Regelin*
    • Felicia Ricci
  • $4,000+
    • Jon Haufler*, TWS Fellow, Past President
    • Steve Havera*, TWS Fellow
    • Junior Kerns
    • Wini Kessler*, Aldo Leopold Award, Past President, TWS Fellow, Special Recognition Service Award
    • Jerry Longcore, TWS Fellow
    • Gene Rhodes, TWS Fellow, Caesar Kleberg Award
    • Susan Skagen
    • Rollie Sparrow*, Aldo Leopold Award, TWS Fellow, Honorary Member, Past President
  • $3,000+
    • Lowell Adams*
    • Reg Barrett*
    • David Capen
    • Collins Cochran*
    • John H. Hart*
    • David Heft*
    • Michael Kennedy
    • Jerry Kobriger*, TWS Fellow
    • Stanley Kohn
    • Susan Mackenzie
    • Phil Mastrangelo*
    • Carl Mitchell*
    • John Organ*, TWS Fellow, Aldo Leopold Award, Past President
    • David Patton*
    • Tom Ryder*, TWS Fellow, Past President, Honorary Member, Jim McDonough Award
    • Dale Strickland
    • Misty Sumner*, TWS Fellow
    • Ollie Torgerson*, TWS Fellow
    • Ken Williams*, Former TWS Chief Executive Officer
  • $2,000+
    • Ed Arnett, TWS Chief Executive Officer, TWS Fellow
    • Syd Barber
    • Ted Bookhout*, Past President, TWS Fellow, Honorary Member
    • Arnold Brunell*
    • Ken Burnham*, Aldo Leopold Award
    • Joe Burns*
    • Duane Diefenbach*
    • Sue Haseltine*
    • Laura Hill*
    • Ellie Horwitz*
    • Susan Jewell
    • John Koprowski*, Aldo Leopold Award, TWS Fellow
    • Kevin Kritz*
    • John McDonald*, Past President
    • Mike Mengak
    • Roger Post*
    • Gary Potts*, Past President, TWS Fellow
    • Art Rodgers*, TWS Fellow, President-elect
    • Cheryl Schmidt*
    • John Sidle
    • Dan Svedarsky*, TWS Fellow, Past President
    • Jeff Wallin
    • Jim Wakeley*
    • Milt Weller
  • $1,000+
    • Harriet Allen*
    • Theodore Bailey
    • Edward Bangs, Special Recognition Service Award
    • Penny Bartnicki*
    • Gordon Batcheller
    • Rick Baydack*, TWS Fellow, Past President, Excellence in Wildlife Education Award
    • Marc-Andre Beaucher
    • William Berg
    • Jon Bergquist*
    • Richard Bishop*
    • John Bissonette*, TWS Fellow
    • Lytle Blankenship*, TWS Fellow, Honorary Member, Past President, Distinguished Service Award
    • Margaret Brittingham*
    • Jack Capp*
    • Lu Carbyn*, Distinguished Service Award
    • Len Carpenter*, TWS Fellow, Past President
    • Frances Cassirer
    • Joe Caudell*
    • John Cox*
    • Bill Crawford*, TWS Fellow, Honorary Member, Past President, Special Recognition Service Award
    • Alan Crossley*, TWS Fellow
    • Charlie Cushwa
    • Stephen DeStefano*, TWS Fellow
    • Richard Dolbeer*
    • David Evenson*
    • Tom Franklin*, Past President, TWS Fellow
    • Dave Freddy, Jim McDonough Award
    • Erik Fritzell, Past President, TWS Fellow
    • Betsy Glenn
    • Kris Godwin
    • Thomas Goettel
    • Elise Goldstein
    • Robert Gooding*
    • Thomas Gorman
    • Kathy Granillo
    • Timothy Green*
    • Win Green
    • Diana Hallett, Past President
    • Bill Healy*
    • F. Robert Henderson*
    • Ann Hodgson
    • Mimi Hogan
    • Maurice Hornocker*
    • Joseph Hummer*
    • Scott Hygnstrom
    • David Jessup
    • Paul Johansen*
    • Doug Johnson*
    • Dale Jones*, Past President, TWS Fellow, Special Recognition Service Award
    • Fred Kinard, Jr.*, TWS Fellow
    • Erwin Klaas
    • Frederick Knowlton
    • Paul Krausman*, Aldo Leopold Award, TWS Fellow, Honorary Member, Past President
    • Terry Kreeger, Honorary Member
    • Howard Lewis*
    • David Linderud*
    • John Loegering, TWS Fellow
    • Jack Lyon*
    • Chester Martin*, Jay N. “Ding” Darling Memorial Award for Wildlife Stewardship Through Art
    • Marilyn Mause*
    • Leonard McDaniel*
    • Michael McEnroe
    • Dan McGuire
    • Dave Mech*, Aldo Leopold Award, Honorary Member
    • John Moriarty*, Jim McDonough Award
    • Jim Mullen*
    • Lisa Muller, TWS Fellow
    • Tom Nigus*
    • Joel Okula
    • Colleen Olfenbuttel*
    • Bea Olsen
    • Jim Peek*
    • Richard Pillmore*
    • Joanna Prukop
    • Jon Rodiek*
    • Gary Roloff
    • Bill Rudd*
    • Denise Ruffino
    • Reed Sanderson*, TWS Fellow
    • Mike Scott*
    • Don Shaff
    • Chuck Shively*
    • Merlin Shoesmith, TWS Fellow, Jim McDonough Award
    • Gene Stout
    • John Tautin, Jr.*
    • David Trauger
    • Heidi Tillquist*
    • Lelia Vaughan*
    • Bill Vodehnal*
    • Justin Vreeland*
    • Lisette Waits
    • Rick Warhurst*
    • Stephen Webb*
    • Carl Wolfe, Jr.*
    • Bob Wood*
    • Christy Wyckoff
    • Mariko Yamasaki
  • $750 – $999

    Don Althoff • David Anderson • John Cornelius* • Randy DeYoung • Louis & Christine Green • Howard Lewis* • Carl Mitchell* • Summer Pardo* • David Putnam* • Mary Rowland • Ugo Russino • Sara Schweitzer* • Tanya Shenk • Misti Sporer • Ken Wilson*

  • $500 – $749

    Jim Armstrong • Douglas Barnum • William Berg • Valerie & Dan Beyers • Terry Bowyer • Lynn Braband • Christine Bunck • Fran Cafferata • John Sheafor Calvin • Carol Chambers • Mike Conner • Courtney Conway • Peter Dalby* • Robert Davison • Alex Dohman • Kelly Douglass • Cal DuBrock • Mary Eva • Kathy Firchow • Jacqui Frair • Alan Franklin • Tony Fuchs • Angela Fuller • Todd Fuller • Dave Gilbert* • Peter Gradoni • Fidel Hernandez • Grant Hilderbrand • Mike Hiller • Deborah Holle • Jessica Homyack • Matt Ihnken • Harry Jacobson* • Edward Kautz • Marcella Kelly • Dave Klein* • Nancy Knox • John Lanier* • Mark Lindvall • Joe Lowe* • Jenn Malpass • Terry Mansfield* • Heather Mathewson • Les Marcum* • Shirley Martin • Erin McCance* •Bernie McHugh • Gwyn McKee • Chris Moorman • Blake Murden* • David Nilson* • William Noble • Andrea Orabona • James Parkhurst • John Patrick •Pennsylvania Trappers Association • Jodie Provost • Frank Quamen • Nicholas Sampalis • Nancy Sasavage* • Peggy Sauer* • Greg Schenbeck • Tice Supplee • Judie Tartaglia • Bruce Trindle* • Richard Thompson • Dana Varner • David Walter* • Bradford Williams* • Kevin Woods* • Dan Woolard* • Anne Zimmermann

  • $250 – $499

    Layne Adams • Mike Albee • Wendy Arjo • Don Armentrout • Gerry Atwell* • Jerry Brabander* • Carl Betsill* • Larry Bidlake* • Chad Bishop* • Donald A. Blood • Marc Bosch • Scott Brainerd • Patricia Brown • Charlie Bruce • Roger Bumstead* • Louisa Campbell • Michael Cartwright* • Tom Christiansen • Laura Colton • Hew Crawford, Jr.* • Richard Curnow • Lester Flake* • Jeffrey Follett • Eric Gese • Colin Gillin • Daniel & Lakshmi Gordon • Jim Greer* • David Hamel • Arlen Harmoning • James Harper* • Mark Haroldson • Quentin Hays • Pete Heard* • John Hechtel • Mark Henjum • Jennifer Higbie • Conrad Hillman* • Glynnis Hood • Curtis Hopkins* • Bob Klaver • Emily Latch • Sonja Leverkus* • Victoria Makar • James March* • Wayne Marion • Rex Marsh* • Michael Matthews • Keith McCaffery* • Vicky Meretsky • Joshua Millspaugh • Pamela Moore • Alen Mosley* • Jim Nelson* • Jim Nichols  • Keith Norris* • Ben Olsen* • Jacqueline Olson • John F. Olson • David Otis • Doug Ouren • Clint Perkins • Carol Pollio • Terry Riley* • Eric Rominger • Brent Rudolph* • John Schoen* • Krysten Schuller • Jim Sedinger • Linn Shipley • George Smith • Julia Smith • Kent Smith • James Sprague • Cara Staab • James Stengle • Thomas Strange • Eileen Dowd Stukel • Ron Thompson • John Tull* • Lee Upham • David Vales • Matthew Wagner • Timothy Wilkins* • Eugenie Williams • Rick Williams

  • $100 – $249

    Ernest Ables* • Adam Ahlers • Chris Allen • Taber Allison* • Chris Ayers • Hal Balbach* • John & Katherine Ballew • Mark Bara* • Perry Barboza* • Gerald Bartelt* • Frank Baucom* • Karen Beatty • Steve Belinda* • Donna & Mike Belisle • Marcia and Peter Bell • Kristen Black • Carol Bocetti • Linda Boggs • Jill Bookhout • Jack Boss • Michael & Maryann Bracken • Michael Bray • William Brigham* • Rainer Brocke* •Charles Brown • Ionut Buricea • John Burton • James Byford* • Nate Carle • Nancy Cartwright • Vince Cavalieri • Rich Chipman* •Peter Christensen • William Clark* • Karen Clark • Fran Coe • Justin Compton* • Kristi Confortin • Andrew Cox •Rick Danvir • Larry David • HelenMarie DeAngelo-Dawe • John Denton • John Dillery • Norris Dodd* • Aziza Doumani* • John Eisemann • Jane Eisenach • Mark Ellingwood • Frances & Timothy Elliott • Alexander Ellsworth • Jessica Fantinato • Greg Forcey • Maureen Frank • Dan Frenzel* • Edward “Oz” Garton* • Sophie Gilbert • Selma Glasscock • Jeffrey Gleason • Taniyah Green • James Gore* • Diane Granfors • Daniel Greene • Richard Greer • Thomas Griffith • Joe Guenter • Rocky Gutierrez • Michael Gutzmer • Dave Guynn* • Sean Hagerty • Joseph Hamilton • Richard Halbrook • Lisa Haley • Douglas Halford • Donald Hammer* • Seth Harju • Audrey Harris • John P. Hart • Jacob Haus • Dale Hein* • Sigrid Heise-Pavlov • Herbert Herbert • Vicki Herren •Jeff Higdon • Tim Hiller • J. David Hilley • Dave Hoerath • Steve Hodapp • Barbara Holder • Dee Holland • David Hudak • Joyce Hunting* • Frank Isaacs • Harry Jageman* • Adam Janke • David Johns • Derek Janke • Jonathan Jenks* • Alex Jensen • Kent Jensen* • Leanna Jensen • Bruce Johnson • Ed Jones • Jon Jones* • George Jonkel* • Jeffrey Jorgenson • Ray Kagel* • Rick Kahn* • David Kalb • Rick Kaminski • Jennifer Kanine • John Kanter • Doug Keran • John Kilgo • Jim King* • Brian Kiss • Randall Knapik • Steve Kohlmann • D.W. Kroeker • Dick Lancia • Randy Lanctot • Derek Leask • Pat Lederle • Mike Leonard* • Steve Lenz • Alex Levy • Jeffrey Lincer • Andy Little • Brian Logan • Michael Lomanno • Jason Lombardi • Edward Loughlin Sr. • Roy & Kathy Lucas • Jim MacCracken • Dave MacDougall • Amy Macleod • Drew Major* • Janet Marschner* • Jonathan Mawdsley • Michael Mayer • Brenda McComb • Deborah McKee • Scott McLean* •Doug Meekins • Scott Meister • Lara Mengak • J. M. Meyers* • Elizabeth Miller-Moran • Jerry Mitchell* • Gregory Moller* • Tom Moorman • Marie Morin • Brad Mormann • W. Austin Musselman* • Frank Muth • Brad Nelson* • Kay Nicholson • David Noble • John C. Olson • Brian Ortman • Anna Owsiak • Bucky Owen • Nandan Pai  • Terry Palmisano •Eric Pelren • Merrill Petoskey* • Nancy Pilgrim • Charles Pils • Colleen Piper • Ron Popowski • Dixie Porter • Larkin Powell • Thane Pratt* • Jon Prevost* • Dustin Ranglack • Gerald Rasmussen • Jack Rensel* • Shawn Riley • Tony Roberts • Elizabeth Rodrick* • Joan Rog* • Thomas Rogers • Tracy Rosenburg • Hedy Ross* • Joe Roy • Andy Royle • Susan Rupp • Gary San Julian* • Paul Santavy • Sanford Schemnitz* •Emma Schultz • Michael Schulz • Teresa Seamster • Alan Shoemaker* • Judith Hull • Sara Shull •Tracy Silvia • Norman Simmons* • Lili Simpson* • Anthony Sipes, Jr. • Carla Skinder • Bruce Smith • Lora Smith • Jonas Snyder* • Olufemi Sodeinde •Bettina Sparrowe • Scott Sprague • Tiffany Sprague • Jeffrey Ver Steeg • Bob Simpler • Karen Steenhof • David Steffen Jeff Stetz • Skyler Stevens • Sandra Staples-Bortner • Lori Stark • Roger Stonebraker* • Brian Swift • Christine Stoughton • Kimberly Suedkamp Wells* • Karen Swaim • Brooke Talley • Tim Taylor • Jacob Tepsa • Tad Theimer • James Thul • Robert Tippit • Valorie Titus • Bill Tomlinson • Monica Tomosy • Jim & Barbie Tootle • Budd Veverka • Paul Vohs, Jr. • John Wagner • Mark Wallace • David Walsh* • Gordon Warburton • Nancy Warren • Tom Warren • Chris Watanabe • Kendrick Weeks • James & Susan Wehar • Gary Wiles • Drew White • Robin White •Judy Wilson • Marcia Wolfe • Adrian Wydeven • David Yokel • Julie Young • Robert Zepp • Brenda Zody

  • Donations in Honor and Memory
    • Ed Arnett
      Memory: Patrick O’Toole – In honor of one of the greatest conservation ranchers in the West – a true champion for fish and wildlife conservation, and an overall great human!
    • Michael & Maryann Bracken
      Memory: Stephen H. Berwick
    • John & Katherine Ballew
      Memory: Stephen Harold Berwick
    • Michael Bray
      Memory: Debie Hahn
    • Sandra Staples-Bortner
      Memory: Jane E. Jorgensen
    • John Burton
      Memory: In Loving memory of our wonderful cousin Barbara
    • Layne Adams
      Honor: Paul M. Webb, Jr.
      In honor of Paul’s contributions to the conservation of Arizona’s wildlife
    • Harriet Allen
      Honor: Dave Brittell
    • Donna & Mike Belisle
      Memory: Ronald Sylvan Beaumariage
      Our Condolences, Friends of Sophia and Jim
    • Karen Clark
      Honor: Kathy Cahill
    • Helen-Marie DeAngelo-Dawe
      Honor: Thomas “Tom” Fisher
      Tom was one of the nicest people I have met on this earth and he loved animals big and small so this is donated in his honor by the Meussner Family. He will be missed by many!!
    • Frances & Timothy Elliott
      Memory: David Elliott & Mary Anderson
      On behalf of David Elliott and Mary Anderson
    • Selma N. Glasscock
      Memory: James G. Teer
    • Sean Hagerty
      Memory: Jack Gwynn
    • David Hamel
      Memory: Charles J. Hamel
    • Stephen Havera
      Memory: Glen C. Sanderson & Frank Bellrose
      In memory of Glen C. Sanderson and Frank Bellrose – two of the greatest!
    • Herbert Herbert
      Memory: Sherri Konradi
      May you now find peace
    • Barbara Hill
      Memory: John Lanier
    • Dee Holland
      Memory: Mary Elizabeth Gilbert
      On behalf of Duke Continuing Studies
    • Harry Jacobson
      Honor: Dale Arner
    • Derek Janke
      Memory: William Bicknell
    • David Johns
      Memory: Joe Burns
      In recognition of all he did to protect wild life and wild places, and his long time friendship which I shall sorely miss.
    • Rick Kaminski
      Honor: Dr. Guy A. Baldassarre
      A professor, a mentor, a TWS member, a JWM editor, and most of all a wonderful husband, father, and friend. Hail Guy! What a guy!!!
    • Sonja Leverkus
      Honor: Dr. Gillian Leverkus
      In honour of my mother, Dr. Gillian Leverkus, who continually inspires me everyday to do the right thing for the land and wildlife.
    • John P. Loegering
      Memory: Robert G. Anthony
    • Roy & Kathy Lucas
      Memory: Theodore A. Bookhout
    • Jim Miller
      Honor and Memory: Larry Jahn, Jack Berryman, John Gottschalk and Pete Petoskey
      For their exemplary contributions to the wildlife profession and to those of us who benefited from their wisdom, leadership, mentoring and guidance.
    • Karl Martin
      Memory: Bob Anthony
    • Darren Miller
      Memory: Sam K. Riffell
    • Elizabeth Miller-Moran
      Honor: Marty Meltzer
      Our thoughts are with your family
    • Jim Nichols
      Memory: Graham Smith
    • Joel Okula
      Memory: Jack Ward Thomas
      To a great mentor and friend who made it possible for me to have a career as a wildlife biologist. He will be truly missed but his inspiration will never cease.
    • Colleen Olfenbuttel
      Memory: Ingrid Olfenbuttel
      In memory of my mom, who started my love of wildlife.
    • Jacqueline Olson
      Memory: John C. Olson
      In memory of my husband John C. Olson, Jr. and his love for all wildlife.
    • Carol Pollio
      Memory: Constance Ranson
    • Dixie Porter
      Memory: Joe Burns
    • David Putnam
      Honor: Dr. James Lindzey
    • Jon Rodiek
      Memory: Jack Ward Thomas
      To an environmentalist, administrator, wildlife biologist and friend.
    • Denise Ruffino
      Memory: Sam Ruffino, Sr.
    • Ugo Russino
      Honor: Elyssa Kellerman
    • Merlin Shoesmith
      Memory: John and Frank Craighead
    • Sara Shull
      Memory: My beloved Uttuh
      Uttuh was a 4 year old orangutan female that succumbed due to loss of habitat and battles over palm oil. Please do not purchase products that contain palm oil.
    • Sierra Sportsmen
      Memory: Don Armentrout
      In memory of our President Don Armentrout
    • Gene Stout
      Honor: ODWC former research team
      Tommy Hines, Clark Derdeyn, Tom Eubanks, Tom Logan
    • Valorie Titus
      Memory: Stacy Carpenter
    • Jim & Barbie Tootle
      Memory: Theodore A. Bookhout
    • Ollie Torgerson
      Honor: Bill T. Crawford
      My most important conservation mentor.
    • Rick A. Warhurst
      Memory: Theodore Bookhout
    • Chris Watanabe
      Honor: Larry Asher
      Happy Birthday!
    • Gary White
      Memory: Robert Anthony
    • James & Susan Wehar
      Memory: Ronald S. Beaurmariage
    • Jenn Malpass
      Honor: TWS Staff
      For being rockstars! Thank you!
    • Susan Rupp
      Memory: Warren Ballard
      Given in memory of Dr. Warren Ballard — colleague, mentor and friend who helped shape the future of my career.
    • Budd Veverka
      Memory: Army Staff Sgt. David M. Veverka
      David was a wildlife student at UMaine when he was killed in Iraq in 2006 serving with the Maine National Guard.
    • Wini Kessler
      Memory: Reed Sanderson
    • Linda Boggs
      Honor: Linda S. Boggs
    • Rich Guenzel
      Memory: Reed Sanderson
    • Monica Tomosy
      Honor: Jim Wiley
    • Colleen Olfenbuttel
      Memory: Ingrid Olfenbuttel
      In honor of my mom who supported my love and career of wildlife.
    • Kevin Woods
      Honor: Kevin J. Woods
    • David Putnam
      Memory: James S. Lindzey
    • Jack Boss
      Honor: Archibald Cowan, University of MI School of Natural Resources
    • James Sprague
      Honor: Jon and Rachel Sprague
    • Joanna Prukop
      Memory: Dr. Jim Teer
      A wonderful man
    • Jack Capp
      Memory: Dale A. Jones
      A great leader, stalwart wildlife professional, and my great mentor and friend who changed the world.
    • Scott Brainerd
      Memory: Dr. David Klein (1927 – 2020)
    • Dan Stinnett
      Memory: Stephen R. Tully
    • Steve Kohlmann
      Memory: Jim Yoakum
    • Jodie Provost
      Honor & Memorial: John Toepfer
      Memorial: Shane Peterson
      Shane was a member of our MN DNR Roving Habitat crew. He positively impacted thousands of acres of habitat for wildlife in the Aspen Parklands of NW MN. He passed away much to young at the age of 39 and is missed dearly by his colleagues.
    • David Jessup
      Memory: Andy Pauli
    • Jerry Kobriger
      Memory: Harvey Miller, Merril Hammond and Tom Baskett
      These three were great mentors for a struggling MS candidate back in 1962. I owe my career to these three outstanding biologists and I thank them for instilling in me a passion for prairie grouse.
      Honor: C. R. “Chris” Grondahl
      C. R. was the first president of the North Dakota Chapter of the Wildlife Society, a chapter he was instrumental in organizing. Following service with the 114th Infantry Regiment in Europe during WWII, he returned home and completed work on a MS in Wildlife Biology at the University of Iowa. He began his career with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department in 1954, serving for 35 years, the latter years as the Chief of Game Management. He was the epitome of a wildlife chief, working side by side with his employees on both routine and research projects. He had a unique ability to lead, and years after his retirement, his former employees still respectfully address him as “Chief”.
    • Gene Stout
      Memory: Dale A. Jones
      Always inspirational.
    • Win Green
      Memory: Dale Jones & Bob Nelson
      My champions in wildlife, mentors, associates and longtime friends.
    • Susan Jewell
      Memory: Richard Haley
    • Rich Guenzel
      Honor: Ed Thompson
      Thanks for your efforts to sustain TWS and increase our effectiveness. Enjoy retirement.
    • Colleen Olfenbuttel
      Memory: Ingrid Olfenbuttel
    • Gene Stout
      Memory: Tom Warren
    • Victoria Makar
      Memory: Liz Hatten
      Liz was a true biologist, educator and nature lover.
    • Tim Taylor
      Memory: James G. Teer
    • Gary White
      Memory: Tony Peterle
    • Gary White
      Memory: David R. Anderson
    • Monica Tomosy
      Memory: Graham Smith
    • Frances Cassirer
      Honor: Mary Meagher
    • Alan Franklin
      Memory: David R. Anderson
    • Mark Boyce
      Memory: David Schindler
    • Anne Zimmermann
      Memory: Joe Burns
    • Donald Shaff
      Memory: Charles Yocum
    • James Sprague
      Honor: Jon and Rachel Sprague
    • Mike Hiller
      Honor: University of Wisconsin-Madison TWS Student Chapter
    • Barb Hill
      Memory: John Lanier
    • Stephen Webb
      Memory: Delbert M. Webb
      In memory of my father, Del Webb, for all of his support throughout my career.
    • Mike Hiller
      Honor: University of Wisconsin-Madison TWS Student Chapter
    • Phil Mastrangelo
      Memory: Jim Miller
      A true professional who led by example and also inspired and mentored many within The Wildlife Society.
    • Rick Kaminski
      Memory: Guy A. Baldassarre
      For Guy’s gracious contributions to TWS as Editor-in-Chief of JWM and faculty advisor of TWS student students at Auburn University and SUNY-ESF.
    • John Koprowski
      Memory: Reed Sanderson
    • Gary White
      Honor: John Mumma
    • Mark Boyce
      Memorial: Sam Harbo
    • Don Shaff
      Memorial: Charles Yost
    • Jim Ramakka
      Memorial: Pat Valkenburg
    • Colleen Olfenbuttel
      Memorial: Dr. Mike Vaughn
    • Gene Stout
      Memorial: Tom Warren
      I miss him
    • Mark Anders
      Memorial: Kent Anders
    • Shasta Wildlife Conservation Foundation
      Memorial: Marshall White
    • Don Yasuda
      Honor: Earth Day
    • Stephen Webb
      Memorial: In memory of my father, Del Webb, for all of his support and help to get me to where I am today.
    • Barb Hill
      Honor: John Lanier
    • Marcia and Peter Bell
      Memorial: Joan Hargrave
      Thank you, Joan, for your enthusiastic and devoted advocacy of all animals. Your voice will be missed in this ongoing and much needed work.
    • Jim Armstrong
      Memorial: Jim Miller
    • Jim Ramakka
      Honor: Vicky Ramakka
      The person who brought out the best in me, both personally and professionally.
    • John Dillery
      Memorial: Joan Catherine Hargrave
      Joan Catherine Hargrave – Artist, activist, guitarist, singer.
    • Harriet Allen
      Memorial: Chester Martin
      Remembering a wonderful wildlife biologist and talented artist.
    • Laura Johnson
      Memorial: Judith K. Johnson
    • Joe Roy
      Memorial: Phil Lehenbauer
    • Mike Conner
      Memorial: Bruce Leopold
    • Shirley Martin
      Memorial: Chester Martin – In memory of my husband, Chester O Martin.
    • John Lanka
      Honor: Bob Lanka
      Congrats brother! 
    • Mark Ellingwood
      Memorial: William T. Hesselton
    • Anne Zimmerman
      Memorial: Joe Burns
    • Darren Miller
      Memorial: Dr. Bruce D. Leopold
    • Michael Kennedy
      Honor: Bob Bluett
    • Junior Kerns
      Memorial: Chester Martin – Artist, Biologist, Fisherman, Friend
    • Valerie & Dan Beyers
      Honor: Mariah Beyers
    • Christine Stoughton
      Honor: Jack Rogers
    • Peter Christensen
      Honor: Deb Stevens
    • Bruce Smith
      Memorial: Dr. Bart O’Gara – Wildlife professional, faculty member at the University of Montana, and mentor to so many students
    • Rick Danvir
      Memorial: Jim Yoakum

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