Image Credit: Steve Hillebrand
Image Credit: Steve Hillebrand

The Wildlife Society, along with many TWS Chapters, Sections, and Working Groups, offer travel grants (mostly to students, but some are available to professionals) to attend the TWS Annual Conference and other TWS-related meetings. The following list details those currently offering travel grants.

  • Travel grants greater than $1,000

    Native Peoples’ Wildlife Management Working Group: Each year, up to 10 students who are members of a Native American, First Nations, or Indigenous Tribe, or identify as Native Alaskan or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, will be selected to attend TWS’ Annual Conference as part of the Native Student Professional Development Program. This includes complimentary registration, hotel, travel grant, and more. Applications are due August 1. More info is available here.

    Wisconsin Chapter: Accepting applications from professional members (students are not eligible, they have another source of funding from WCTWS) for one travel grant up to $1,500 to help defer expenses related to attending the 29th Annual Conference in Spokane, Washington. This grant opportunity is being offered to WCTWS members who otherwise would not be able to participate in the national conference because of financial restrictions. Applications are due by July 28, 2022. The WCTWS Membership Committee will make the final decision on the selection and inform the applicants by no later than July 29, 2022 (Early bird registrations ends 7/31). More info is available here.

  • Travel grants of up to $1,000

    Biometrics Working Group: Travel grants of at least $750 are available for up to 5 student members of TWS (membership to the BWG not required) that are presenting papers or posters at TWS’ 2022 Annual Conference. Current students (undergraduate and graduate) and recent graduates (individuals that graduated within two years of the scheduled conference) are eligible for these travel grants. Applications are due by July 15, 2022. Click here for more information and contact Kylee Dunham ( with any questions.

    Maine Chapter: Financial support (up to $500 for individuals and up to $1,000 for groups) is available for student travel and professional development from the Chapter’s Student Support Fund. Applications are due February 1 of each year. More info is available here.

    Pennsylvania Chapter: One professional development grant of up to $1,000 is offered each year to a non-student member of the Pennsylvania Chapter of TWS. The deadline is February 15 of each year. More info is available here.

  • Travel grants of up to $750

    North Carolina Chapter: One travel grant of up to $550 is available to a member of the North Carolina Chapter of The Wildlife Society to help offset the cost of attending The Wildlife Society’s Annual Conference. Applications are due by June 15 of each year. Please contact Pete Campbell ( with any questions.

    Habitat Restoration and Conservation Working Group: Up to 4 grants to aid all levels including professionals, graduate students, and/or presenters in attending the 2022 TWS Annual conference. Grant value will be up to the 2022 annual conference early registration fee ($550 for professionals, $300.00 for new professionals and $275 for students). Submit applications no later than Monday July 25th 11:59pm PST. Award announcements will be made around Friday July 29th. Please contact Drew Ann White-Jacobson (she/her) at or (801) 898-8532 with any questions. More info is available here.

  • Travel grants of up to $500

    The Wildlife Society: Students whose research has been accepted for the Annual Conference may apply for travel grants of $500. The application period is expected to open on June 9, 2023. More information will be available here when it is available.

    Biological Diversity Working Group: One travel grant of up to $500 is available for a TWS student member presenting a paper or poster with a focus on protecting biodiversity at The Wildlife Society’s Annual Conference. The deadline to apply is September 1, 2022. More information is available here.

    Central Mountains and Plains Section: See the CMPS website for information on our Wayne Sandfort Student Travel Grants available for TWS’ Annual Conference. Please contact CMPS President Shelly Deisch ( or President-Elect Stephanie Ferrero ( if you have any questions.

    North Carolina Chapter: Professional development grants are funded on a semiannual basis (one per cycle, up to $250 each) and are available to a member of the North Carolina Chapter of The Wildlife Society to help offset the cost of attending a professional conference, professional development workshop, training, or other appropriate professional development program. Applications are due by January 31 (first cycle) or June 30 (second cycle) of each year. Please contact the Chapter’s Grants and Finance Committee Chair, Jamie Sasser, at, with any questions.

    Colorado Chapter: Two travel grants for $500 each are available to members of the Colorado Chapter attending a meeting or workshop. Applications are due by August 1. More info is available here.

    College and University Education Working Group: One travel grant is awarded to a new instructor of wildlife courses or an instructor who transitioned into a new teaching position. Awardees should attend the Working Group annual meeting. Applications are due by May 1.  If not awarded, applications submitted by September 1 will be considered. More info is available here.

    Wyoming Chapter: Professional and student travel grants of $500 are available to Wyoming Chapter members that will be attending TWS’ Annual Conference in Spokane, WA. Applications are due by July 15. More info is available here.

    Human Dimensions Working Group: Up to two travel grants are available to help human dimensions professionals and students interested in human dimensions participate in the Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society. This grant will cover up to $500 of the recipient’s travel and registration costs. Applications are due August 26, 2022 5:00PM MT and recipient(s) will be notified of their award by September 9th. Please see the application form for more details and let HDWG Secretary-Treasurer Haley ( know if you have any questions.

    Invasive Species Working Group: Three $500 scholarships are available to ISWG members to attend TWS’ 2022 Annual Conference in Spokane, WA. Scholarship recipients will include one undergraduate, one masters, and one Ph.D. student. Students must be currently enrolled in a wildlife biology, wildlife or land management, ecology, or a similar program and planning to attend the conference. Graduate students must be presenting original research on invasive species ecology or management at the conference. The selected undergraduate student must be available to assist with the ISWG symposium. Apply for the scholarships using the relevant Google form (below) by August 15, 2022. Contact with any questions.

    Undergraduate application
    Graduate application

    Out in The Field: Two travel grants for $500 each and a $250 travel grant (provided by TWS’ Biological Diversity Working Group) are available to LGBTQ+ members of TWS (students and professionals) to assist them in offsetting the cost of attending TWS’ 2022 Annual Conference. Application deadline is September 24. Click here for further details.

    Wildlife Diseases Working Group: Student travel awards of $500 are available to attend TWS’ Annual Conference in Spokane, Washington. Deadline to apply is October 15. Click here for more information. Please contact with questions.

  • Travel grant amount TBD

    Missouri Chapter: Professional development travel grants are offered each year. The winter/spring deadline is February 15 and the summer deadline is August 15. More info is available here.