Strategic Plan

As of July 1, 2024, TWS has a new strategic plan! Over the next 5 years and beyond, TWS will maintain, enhance, or expand its performance and leadership in each mission priority area:

  1. Building Community – engage and evolve an inclusive community of diverse wildlife professionals to conserve wildlife and their habitats
  2. Supporting Professionals – enhance support and provide resources to ensure professionals effectively influence the future of wildlife conservation
  3. Exercising External Influence – TWS is an effective voice and a trusted resource for wildlife science, conservation, and management

Each year, TWS will take action on and track progress of each of the goals, objectives, and strategies identified for each mission-driven priority in the strategic plan. Priority tactics aligned with each set of strategies will be developed into annual operations plans, along with performance metrics, staff resources, and budgets needed to achieve results. Many of the objectives and strategies in the plan are aspirational for TWS and implementation will depend on securing additional budget resources or significant volunteer service from TWS members.

Download and review the full Strategic Plan.


TWS Code

TWS requires the highest standards of ethical conduct from each volunteer and staff member as they perform their duties and engage in fulfilling the mission of the Society. The organization requires that every volunteer and staff member exhibit the highest standards of professionalism, honesty, and integrity, and that the activities and services provided by TWS are accomplished in a fair and equitable manner. It is the purpose of this Code to detail the ethical standards under which we agree to operate.

The Code consists of the Ethics Policy, the Conflicts of Interest Policy, the Corporate Assets Policy, the Whistleblower Policy, and the section below titled “Procedures and Open Door Communication.”

Annual Financial Statements

TWS operates on a July 1-June 30 Fiscal Year, with the ending year in the cycle designating the FY.

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