Red: Canadian Section; Pink: Central Mountains and Plains Section; Light blue: North Central Section; Purple: Northeast Section; Dark blue: Northwest Section; Orange: Southeastern Section; Yellow: Southwest Section; Green: Western Section


Sections are the regional networks of The Wildlife Society in North America. Each section encompasses several states, provinces, or republics.  Sections promote networking, cooperative efforts and the exchange of information among wildlife professionals and TWS chapters in a geographic area.


Chapters generally use a state or province boundary to define their memberships, although more or less than one state or province may be served by a chapter depending upon local membership needs. Each chapter has its own by-laws, officers, events and activities that support the mission of The Wildlife Society.

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Canadian Section

Central Mountains & Plains Section

North Central Section

Northeast Section


Northwest Section

Southeastern Section

Southwest Section

Western Section

*Location doesn’t currently have a TWS Chapter.