Welcome to the Idaho Chapter of The Wildlife Society

2023 ICTWS Annual Meeting
The ICTWS is excited to host a fully in-person Annual Meeting February 14-16 at the Riverside Hotel in beautiful Boise, ID! For more information visit our Annual Meeting page.
2023-2024 ICTWS Board Elections
The slate for the 2023/2024 ICTWS Board Elections has been set! Click here for more information on our excellent slate of candidates!
Vote now! Results will be revealed Thursday 2/16 at the ICTWS Annual Meeting Business Lunch. Reminder: You must be a current ICTWS member to vote (remember: membership to national TWS and our chapter organization are independent from each other). Therefore, if you are not current on your ICTWS membership by the close of voting, you will not be able to submit a vote for the above election.

Click here to create or renew your ICTWS membership.

Latest News

ICTWS Federal Land Transfer Position Statement

The ICTWS Federal Land Transfer Position Statement describing ICTWS’s stance on the transfer of federal land to state ownership and management has been finalized. The Idaho Chapter of The Wildlife Society is opposed to this type of transfer for multiple reasons, all of which are outlined in the statement.

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