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Annual Meeting

2024 ICTWS Annual Meeting

Planning for the joint meeting in Coeur d’Alene, ID with the Washington Chapter of The Wildlife Society and the Northwest Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation is in progress! Please check back for details.

Hotel Information

2023 ICTWS Annual Meeting

Our 2023 Annual Meeting was held at the Riverside Hotel in Boise, Idaho in February 2023. We hosted 3 workshops including “An Introduction to the Basics of R”, “An Overview of Genomic Methods in Research and Management” and “Communicating Science: A Guide to Scientific Storytelling.” The plenary session was focused on animal movement ecology. Speakers included Matt Kauffman, Jerod Merkle, Patrick Donnelly, and Matt Lucia. The presentations covered how the human world is influencing animals’ movements and the new tools we have for studying migration at its various scales as well as contemporary pressures such as land-use change, and the impacts of climate change.

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