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2024 Award Nominations

The Idaho Chapter of The Wildlife Society presents awards annually when worthy nominations are submitted for: the Charles E. Harris Professional Wildlifer Award, the Special Recognition Award, and the Randall B. Smith Emerging Leader Award. Please consider nominating someone, or a group, for these awards. To do so, please download and fill out the form below:

ICTWS Award Nomination Form

Completed nomination forms should be sent to Ryan Long (ralong@uidaho.edu).

The awards committee will meet prior to the next annual meeting to consider the nominations. There are many hard-working, deserving chapter members and non-chapter people and groups who might be honored by these awards. Please consider your co-workers and colleagues and take the time to submit a nomination or two.

Award Descriptions

The Charles E. Harris Professional Wildlifer Award honors professionals in wildlife management. It is given to demonstrate outstanding contributions to Idaho’s wildlife resources as appreciated by one’s peers. The award is meant to recognize outstanding professional contribution and promote public understanding of significant wildlife management accomplishments in Idaho.

The Special Recognition Award, is intended to honor any person or group who has made an outstanding contribution within the state of Idaho to wildlife conservation, management, science, or conservation education; or the wildlife profession; or to a specific area of endeavor, species, community, ecosystem, or region. Any person or group who has made such a contribution in the last 3 years is eligible for this award.

The Randall B. Smith Emerging Leader Award is intended to honor a professional with five (5) or less years of experience in wildlife conservation, management, or research in Idaho who demonstrates exceptional initiative, leadership skills, and commitment to the field. The Award is in memory of Randy Smith, who trained and mentored many young wildlife professionals throughout his career.

Charles E. Harris Professional Wildlifer Award

2024Janet Rachlow
2023Mark Hurley
2021Don Kemner
2020Lisette Waits
2019Wayne Wakkinen
2018Rita Dixon
2017Paul Makela
2016Tim Shelton
2015Terry Thomas
Eric Yensen
2014Wayne Melquist
2013Dave Musil
2012Jerry Hugo
2011Mike Scott
2010Randy Smith
2008Chuck Harris
2005Craig Groves
2002James Peek
2001E. O. (Oz) Garton
2000Chuck Trost
1999Allan Thomas
1998Chuck Peterson
1997Lloyd Oldenburg
1996Ernie Ables
1994Andy Ogden
1993Tom Hemker, Kerry Reese
1992Jack Connelly
1991Geoff Hogander
1990Jerry Conley
1989Jay Gore
1988Alan Sands
1987Elwood G. Bizeau
1983Jim Peek
1982Larry Wilson
1981Lonn Kuck

Special Recognition Award

2024Scott Bergen
2023Sagebrush in Prisons Program
2021Krista Biorn
2020Deniz Aygen
2019Charlie Justus
2018Mark Gamblin, Jim Mende, Dave Teuscher, Don Jenkins, Paul Wackenhut, and Gregg Servheen
2017Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness
2016Alana Jensen
Katherine Cousins
2015Intermountain Bird Observatory
2014Beth Paragamian and Kerry Reese
2013Jack Whitman
2012Diane Evans Mack
2011Colleen Moulton
2010Al Larson “Bluebird Man”
2009Pattie Soucek and Chans O’Brien, Payette National Forest
2006Teton Regional Land Trust
2006Jack Connelly, Steve Knick, Mike Schroeder, and San Stiver
2005Lava Lake Land and Livestock Co.
2004Shoshone Basin Sage-Grouse Local Working Group
2002Rod Sando, former Director of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game
1999The Nature Conservancy

Randall B. Smith Emerging Leader Award

2024Jessica Patterson
2021Chris Yarbrough
2020Maria Pacioretty
2019Zoe Tinkle
2017John Guthrie

Ted Trueblood Communication Award

Ted Trueblood was an avid hunter, conservationist, public land advocate, and renowned outdoor writer who was born, raised and educated in Idaho. He lived in Idaho much of his career and wrote for Field & Stream magazine for 40 years. Among other achievements, his column was instrumental in generating public support for the creation of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. He also successfully focused public attention in opposition to the Sagebrush Rebellion of the late 1970s and early 1980s. For more information on Ted Trueblood you can go to the website for the Trout Unlimited Ted Trueblood Chapter or to Archives West where the collection of his papers resides.

ICTWS offers the Ted Trueblood Communication Award for Best Student Poster, Best Professional Poster, Best Student Paper, and Best Professional Paper at the Annual Chapter Meeting. Presenters are scored for awards based on the following criteria:

  • Organization: Adherence to time limits; logical progression of ideas and of arguments.
  • Content: Basis for topic, hypothesis or objectives, methods, supporting content, results and conclusions clearly presented; level of originality of information.
  • Style: Enthusiasm; delivery; connection with audience; appropriate use of voice and gestures; attire; ability to address questions.
  • Graphics and Visuals: Appropriateness to presentation, overall design; ability to convey message quickly; pleasing format; stand-alone ability of each graphic.
YearBest Student PaperBest Professional PaperBest Student PosterBest Professional Poster
2024Brianna Lubenau
Molly Garrett
Riley Robenstein
Nathan Hooven
2021Cory AllredCorina Sanchez Scott Bergen
2020Noelle ZengerJason PyronAustin YoungDorah Mtui
2019Deo LachmanZoe Tinkle and Micah LauerBrecken RobbAndrea Kristof
2018Talia Jolley and Kassandra TownsendJon HorneEmily NightingaleCharlotte Milling
2017Tyrell StyhlBrian KennedyHanna McCaslinBecca Scully
2016Kezia Manlove
Zoe Tinkle
Jon HorneStephanie BerryKathy Cousins
2015Zach SwearingenJoe HorneErin PikcilingisMichael Lucid
2014Heidi WareJericho WhitingBrecken RobbPeter Olsoy
2013Rihianna HohbeinDianne Evans Mack and
Michael Lucid (tie)
Robert MillerCollaborative Effort of:
Rob Cavallaro
Daryl Meints
Hollie Miyasaki
Paul Atwood
Shane Roberts
Bryan Aber
Duston Cureton
2012Bonnie Woodsand Meghan Camp (tie)Scott BergenJessica Sherburne 
2011Bryan StevensDavid AusbandJamie Utz, Bonnie WoodsBeth Waterbury
2010Kevin MonteithKerri Vierling
2009Jennifer StengleinLisette Waits
2008Kevin MonteithJanet Rachlow
2007Peter CoatesDavid Ausband
2005Regan BerkleyTess O’Sullivan
2003Christopher JenkinsRex Sallabanks
2002Barney HarperKerry Reese
2001Jennifer BoisvertE. O. (Oz) Garton
2000Aaron WirsingDaniel Edge
1999Matthew LuciaPaul Makela
1998Andrew LindbloomJack Connelly
1997Gary NohrenbergSteve Knick
1996Scott GardnerKerry Reese
1995Mark UllimanKerry Reese
1994James SchneiderTom Hemker
1993James SchneiderJack Connelly
1991Helen UlmschneiderSteve Schmidt
1990George PauleyTom Hemker
1989E. Frances CassirerLarry C. Jindrich

ICTWS Management, Conservation, and Education Grant

The purpose of the Management, Conservation, and Education Grant Application is to promote and financially assist projects that further the purpose of scientifically sound wildlife and habitat management in Idaho. ICTWS will award grants up to a maximum of $2,000 annually, depending on availability of funds. There is no grant award minimum. Matching funds and partnerships are encouraged, but not required. Non-recipients of awards are encouraged to re-apply in succeeding years if eligibility requirements are met.


2024Ariana Cerreta
Emily Marin
2023Andrea Kristof
2022Intermountain Bird Observatory
2021Eden Ravecca
2020Ben Wishnek and Andrea Kristof
2019Jonathan Dudko and Carrie Hugo
2018Andrea Kristof, Steve Alsup, and Heidi Ware (declined)
2017Deniz Aygen, Meghan Camp, and Bill Dell’Isola
2016Amanda Goldberg and Steven Mathews
2015Carl Lundblad
2014Adam Kehoe

ICTWS Scholarship

The Idaho Chapter of The Wildlife Society established the Idaho Wildlife Undergraduate and Graduate Student Scholarships in 2012. The purpose of the scholarships is to assist with college education costs for undergraduate and graduate students whose professional goals support the mission and objectives of The Wildlife Society. Scholarships are awarded at the annual meeting. ICTWS awards up to $1,500 for Undergraduate Scholarships and up to $2,000 for Graduate Scholarships.

Scholarship Information and Application

Scholarship Letter

YearUndergraduate WinnerGraduate Winner
2024Riley RobensteinKathleen Petersen (MS) & Morgan Calahan (PhD)
2023Rachel LucilleShelby McCohen (MS) & Molly Garrett (PhD)
2022Corina Sanchez (MS) & Katey Huggler (PhD)
2021Autumn KingKristina Parker (MS) & Elise Stacy (PhD)
2020Chloe BeallSara McIntyre and Rachel Stein
2019Zachary SanchezCarl Lundblad
2018Kassandra TownsendAmanda Goldberg
2017Elise GoslinAlexander Killian
2016 Charlotte Milling
2015Katey HugglerRob Lonsinger
2014Jonathan Dudko
2013 Heide Ware and
Jesse Bunkley

University of Idaho Scholarships

YearKvale AwardNorberg/Meiners AwardMichael Gratson Award
2014John SeversonMatthew ModlinCourtney Comer $2000
Kelsi Potterf $1750
Meagan Bailey $1000
2013Gifford Gillette and
John Severson
Taylor LasleyKimberly Saty $3000
Mitch Parsons $3000
2012Maria Martinez SalinasCassandra Von NordheimNone awarded
2011Teresa LorenzDaniel WeigandNone awarded
2010Matt SorumWill BlackNone awarded
2009Jeremy BaumgardtLandon MooreJeff Stackhouse
2008Harry JagemanHarry JagemanKara Ravenscroft, Katie Pond, Lori Eichel
2007Niko BalkenholCassidy BairLandon Moore, Sean Howard

Photo Contest Winners

YearWildlifeLandscapePlantsPeople OutdoorsPeople’s ChoiceCreative Expression
2024Annalei LeesMaria PaciorettyKatie AndersonLindsey SchmittLindsey SchmittLindsey Schmitt
2021Eden Ravecca

Anna Owsiak

Anna OwsiakBryan StevensEden RaveccaBryan Stevens
2020David DresselDavid DresselDusty PerkinsLindsay RushDusty PerkinsRachel Stein
2019Ariana DicksonKara Campbell David DresselAriana Dickson