Seeks and evaluates nominations for the Charles E. Harris Professional Wildlifer Award and the Special Recognition Award. (Chair: Ryan Long, Paul Makela, Jim White, Jen Forbey, Diane Evans-Mack)

Conservation Affairs

Reviews legislative proposals, administrative regulations, environmental assessments and impact statements, and other subjects or issues affecting wildlife or wildlife habitat within the organizational area of the Chapter and recommends action that should be taken by the Idaho Chapter. Participates in The Wildlife Society’s Conservation Affairs Network on regional and national conservation issues. (Chuck Peterson, Michael Young)

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Education and Outreach

Seeks and employs methods of informing the public basic wildlife management concepts and of Chapter and Society activities and interests. Responds to the interests of the membership in being involved in wildlife education. (Chair: Alana Jensen, Maria Pacioretty, Morgan Pfander)


Plans and coordinates the annual meeting fundraising activities, including reaching out to members and local businesses for donations. (Co-Chairs: Jason Beck, Josh Rydalch, Josh Uriarte)


Solicits and reviews grant applications and recommends recipients and funding levels to the ICTWS Board. (Chair: Laura Wolf, Sandy Vistine-Amdor, Jericho Whiting)


Encourages qualified persons to become members of The Wildlife Society, the Northwest Section, and the Idaho Chapter. Receives nominations and recommends approval of individuals seeking Other Member status in the Chapter. (Katie Powell, Lisa Nutt, Sandy Amdor)

Nominating and Elections

Prepares a slate of two candidates for each of the elective positions: Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer from the Chapter voting membership. (Chair: Curtis Hendricks, Brian Bybee, Hilary Heist)

Paper/Poster Judging

Coordinates paper and poster judging activities at the Chapter’s annual meeting. (Janet Rachlow, Zoe Tinkle)


Arranges programs of all regular and annual meetings and provides the President with a proposed agenda for the Annual Meeting. (Seth Harju)


Solicits, reviews, and awards scholarship applications for undergraduate and graduate students. (Chair: Tricia Hebdon, Colleen Trese, Chris Witt)


Seeks sponsorship donations to support the Chapter’s annual meeting. (Chair: Aren Eddingsaas, Josh White, Bruce Schoeberl)

Student Affairs

Identifies opportunities to further engage wildlife students in the Chapter as well as at the annual meeting. Plans student activities to facilitate student interactions with professionals and development of professional skills. (Chair: Janet Rachlow, Quinn Shurtliff, Jericho Whiting)

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