Utah wildlife officials prosecuting nine poaching cases

Many of the incidences were discovered thanks to tips from the general public

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources are prosecuting nine poaching cases involving deer and elk. The cases mostly involve trophy bucks killed illegally. Some of the suspects facing charges were turned in thanks to tips from the public, including the division’s hotline for reporting wildlife crimes. Other cases involve non-Utah residents who fraudulently applied for hunting licenses as Utah residents. “Our system in Utah is unique and tries to create a fair and equitable process that provides good opportunities for all hunters,” said the agency’s Capt. Wade Hovinga in a press release. “When someone commits license fraud to cheat and obtain one of these desired permits illegally, they’re stealing the opportunity from a legitimate hunter who has, in some cases, waited over 25 years hoping to draw one of these permits.”

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Header Image: Antlers from a trophy buck. Credit: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.