Series: TWS Awards

May 16, 2024

TWS welcomes Leadership Institute class of 2024

The 10 participants will be getting to work soon

November 3, 2023

Steve Johnson earns 2023 Excellence in Wildlife Education Award

Two scholarships recognize work with game birds and public policy

October 31, 2023

Two conservation artists receive ‘Ding’ Darling Memorial Award

Melissa Groo and Erika Coover are being honored for their work

October 26, 2023

Rick Warhurst earns Distinguished Service Award

The award honors individuals who have furthered TWS’ mission

October 19, 2023

Driven by past experiences, Jennifer Merems earns Diversity Award for fight against harassment

Merems pushed to address sexual harassment in the wildlife field

October 12, 2023

Kentucky honored for elk restoration

The state hosts the largest herd east of the Rockies

October 5, 2023

Latif, Piaggio receive McAtee-Burger Award

The associate editors were recognized for their contributions to TWS journals

September 28, 2023

Don Barnes wins 2023 TWS Jim McDonough Award

Don Barnes has been selected to win the 2023 Jim McDonough Award for years of service and participation in various levels of The Wildlife Society. Barnes first became a member...

September 21, 2023

TWS Award: Two wildlifers recognized for their service to the wildlife field

Seth Magle and Jeannine Fleegle earned the Special Recognition Service Award this year

September 7, 2023

Doris Duke Collaborative wins Group Achievement Award

Partnership program helps boost students from diverse backgrounds in the wildlife profession