Habitat restoration begins at Shuswap Lake, BC

A habitat restoration project has begun on the banks of Shuswap Lake, less than a kilometer from Salmon Arm, British Columbia. The project, organized by the Salmon Arm Bay Enhancement Society, aims to recover populations of Western grebe (Aechmophorus occidentalis). The Western grebe is native to the Shuswap, but populations of the bird have been declining in recent years. Biologists believe habitat loss is contributing to these declines – so restoration efforts at Shuswap Lake are focused on creating new nesting opportunities for the birds. The project is excavating areas along the shoreline to create a more diverse habitat with room to plant cedar, cottonwood, and other trees that grebes use for nesting. Other species are also expected to benefit from the restoration project, which should also attract turtles, bats, waterfowl, and fish.

Read more about the project from CBC News.

Header Image: Western grebes. ©Mark Watson