Geographical Location: Central & South America

April 19, 2024

Warning drivers about wandering wildlife

Brazilian researchers are training computers to keep an eye out for animals on the road

March 8, 2024

Avian flu is adapting to spread to marine mammals

The findings indicate “a multi-species outbreak”

February 26, 2024

Scientists on film shoot find new anaconda species

The researchers were traveling with a team from National Geographic when they identified the snake

February 13, 2024

JWM: Ecotourism may stress black caimans in the Amazon

Researchers found elevated corticosterone levels in black caimans after handling them and taking flash photography

January 16, 2024

Could transplanted corals save Caribbean reefs?

As coral die-offs continue, researchers look for ways to revive Caribbean reefs

December 12, 2023

Photos show rare bird with both male and female plumage

It’s only the second documented sighting of the phenomenon in the green honeycreeper

September 21, 2023

Flamingos appear in far-flung states following hurricane

The tropical birds have been seen as far as Pennsylvania and Ohio

September 18, 2023

Pale, small winged butterflies can’t take the heat

When it comes to enduring climate change, some butterflies may perform better

August 21, 2023

Small, migratory birds may be vulnerable to climate change

Those species may have trouble as weather becomes warmer and more unpredictable

August 15, 2023

Wild Cam: Female jaguars avoid trails—probably to save cubs from males

Cameras along game trails may not give an accurate view of the species