Watch: New preserve connects Northern and Southern California

A massive new nature preserve is helping create a wildlife corridor connecting Northern and Southern California. The 112-square-mile Randall Preserve, The Nature Conservancy’s largest holding in California, links a patchwork of ranchland in the region. The organization says it will serve as a “biodiversity hotspot” that will benefit a host of threatened and endangered species across a range of ecosystems. The $65 million project was mostly funded by philanthropists Frank and Joan Randall.

“The protection of this immense area ensures that 28 sensitive species across California, including slender salamanders, condors, legless lizards, golden eagles, primrose sphinx moths, mountain lions, badgers, and several endangered plants and blue oak trees, have the best chance of survival,” the statement says.

Read more from The Nature Conservancy, and watch a video on the preserve below.

Header Image: The Nature Conservancy secured its largest preserve in California, the 112-square-mile Randall Preserve, in an effort to connect wildlife corridors and a variety of ecosystems. Credit: The Nature Conservancy