TWS will co-host workshop on wildlife agency resilience

The Wildlife Society will co-host a workshop titled Bridging Science and Management: Building Resiliency to Ensure Relevance at the 83rd North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference. The conference, organized annually by the Wildlife Management Institute, will be held in Norfolk, Virginia from March 26 to 30.  The workshop will take place on Tuesday, March 27 from 1 to 5 p.m.

TWS is partnering with the American Fisheries Society, the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies, the USGS Cooperative Research Units and the Wildlife Management Institute to host this year’s workshop. Presentations and panel discussions with agency, university and nonprofit professionals will explore current challenges facing science-based wildlife conservation and how agencies and organizations can successfully adapt to meet those challenges. The workshop will also discuss how agencies can maintain key responsibilities and values of the North American Model for Wildlife Conservation while building resilience.

This year’s workshop is the third in a series focusing on bridging the gap between science and management. Previous workshops have discussed the increasing separation of the two elements, reflected in part in federal and state agency staffing and financial trends. This year’s discussion will build on these previous discussions to explore how agencies can continue to integrate science and management while adapting to current challenges on the social, political and financial landscapes.

Other sessions and workshop topics at the conference will include collaborative conservation, how wildlife trafficking endangers the North American Model and climate change.

You can register to attend the 83rd North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference and this workshop at

Read TWS’ Position Statement on The Use of Science in Policy and Management Decisions and The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.

Header Image: The the 83rd North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference will take place from March 26 to 30 in Norfolk, Virginia. ©Sharon Flowers