TWS’ Leadership Institute receives DSC Foundation grant

By Jamila Blake

October Sunset at Paradise in Mount Rainier National Park. Credit: Jim Culp

The Dallas Safari Club Foundation (DSCF) has continued their support of The Wildlife Society’s Leadership Institute through a grant of $10,000. For several years, the Dallas Safari Club and its foundation have contributed to cohorts of early-career professionals to engage in leadership training.

The Dallas Safari Club Foundation provides grants to a variety of organizations in support of wildlife conservation and advancing science-based management. The Wildlife Society’s Leadership Institute, with the support of DSCF, provides opportunities for constructive and substantive discussions to promote and support rising leaders of a diverse community of wildlife professionals.

The Wildlife Society’s Leadership Institute Class of 2022 has been working and learning together since May of this year. The Wildlife Society’s Leadership Institute Class of 2020 adapted to the restrictions of COVID-19 with extended remote learning, virtual networking opportunities with a wide variety of wildlife professionals, and increased engagement with program alumni. Through the grant provided by DSCF, members of both classes of the Leadership Institute will be supported to continue their growth and development at the annual conference.

This year’s Leadership Institute will culminate at The Wildlife Society’s 29th Annual Conference.  Participants receive free registration and a travel grant to attend the conference, where they will participate in intensive discussions about leadership in the wildlife profession, mentoring activities, and leadership workshops. Funds provided by the Dallas Safari Club Foundation would be used to support the Leadership Institute participants in working collaboratively to learn more about themselves and each other, envisioning new and innovative ways to improve TWS and the wildlife profession, and developing a greater understanding of how to apply their unique leadership style to their professional career and beyond.

The Leadership Institute prepares early-career professionals to become better leaders within TWS and in the profession, well-equipped to conserve and manage wildlife in an ever-changing ecological and political landscape. The Leadership Institute provides opportunities for constructive and substantive discussions to promote and support a diverse community of wildlifers. Following the Leadership Institute, participants will be able to more effectively and confidently engage in their careers and cultivate opportunities and safe spaces for everyone to take a more active role in the wildlife profession.

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Jamila BlakeJamila Blake is The Wildlife Society's Professional Development Coordinator.
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