The Wildlife Confessional

Have you spent hours in the field being eluded by a species you were making every effort to locate? Did your day of field research turn in to a comical adventure? Your story may be the perfect addition to The Wildlife Confessional.

The Western Section of The Wildlife Society has announced its plans for a new publication titled “The Wildlife Confessional.” A play on words with TWS quarterly publication, The Wildlife Professional, this anthology will include narratives from wildlife experts about their numerous adventures and experiences in the field.

By combining the tales of individuals throughout the wildlife profession, “The Wildlife Confessional” will allow wildlifers to come together and bond over their trials and tribulations. The publication will also serve as an educational tool for students, hopefully encouraging them to study wildlife biology and management and to become members of The Wildlife Society. The Western Section hopes that proceeds from the book sales can be used towards scholarships, grants, and training opportunities for students.

Tell your story and share your experience. All members of the wildlife profession are welcome to submit. Submissions must be received no later than May 15, 2015. For more information please visit Submissions and questions can be sent to

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