The March/April issue of The Wildlife Professional

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The caribou is a Canadian icon, but throughout the country, caribou are facing a variety of threats and challenges. In this issue of The Wildlife Professional, our cover feature, “Conserving a Canadian Icon,” looks at a variety of issues facing caribou throughout Canada, including energy development, logging, climate change and what appears to be the cyclical nature of caribou populations.

The issue also features the 2018 Aldo Leopold Award Presentation by recipient Wini Kessler who, inspired by Leopold, discusses the “dying wolf moments” she has faced throughout her career. Like Leopold’s epiphany watching “the fierce green fire dying” in a wolf’s eyes, Kessler shares important lessons she has learned in sometimes mundane moments as a wildlifer.

In his commentary “I Am One of You,” wildlife biologist Travis Booms discusses the challenges of being gay in a field that doesn’t always welcome homosexuality. “LGBTQ biologists work in every agency, every region and every state,” Booms writes. “And we are also sitting in every undergraduate and graduate wildlife biology class.”

The issue also features a look at a wildlife mystery — getting to the bottom of bighorn sheep die-offs in Colorado. The North American Bird Conservation Initiative lays out shared priorities for bird conservation. And if your fingers instinctively nudge toward the buzzer when someone asks “What is the meaning of brevicaudus?” then you need to read the inside scoop on what it takes to make Quiz Bowl happen at each TWS annual conference.

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