Series: TWS Journals

May 8, 2024

JWM: Scare devices keep grizzlies away from grain spills

Grain spills around farmers’ houses can attract bears and cause conflict with humans

May 3, 2024

JWM: Dousing the electrical fire on osprey management

Osprey electrocution is dangerous for birds, human safety and power infrastructure

April 26, 2024

WSB: Study tests accuracy of thermal drone surveys

In South Texas, the heat can be blinding

April 24, 2024

Q&A: TEK and the wildlife profession

Tracing a trajectory from “elitism” to “equity”

April 17, 2024

The May issue of the Journal of Wildlife Management

Check out articles on wild turkeys and hunting, Mojave desert tortoise head-starting, red fox expansion into the tundra, and more.

April 10, 2024

WSB: Spotting leopard seals by algorithm

Researchers tested computer programs to see how well they identified individuals by their markings

April 5, 2024

Special WSB issue to feature wild turkey symposium presenters

The Wildlife Society Bulletin and the National Wild Turkey Federation are partnering to share research

March 25, 2024

JWM: Low-flying aircraft affect polar bear behavior

Low-flying aircraft may spook polar bears in remote parts of Alaska that rarely see other direct human intrusions.

March 20, 2024

The March issue of the Wildlife Society Bulletin is now available

Articles focus on duck hunters’ bag limit compliance, LGBTQ+ inclusion and more

March 19, 2024

WSB: Photographs can help track sandhill harvest trends

Wildlife managers developed a new tool to help track population data in game birds