Series: TWS Journals

May 17, 2023

WM: Proper planning can aid waterfowl in Canada’s ‘duck factory’

Decades of research offer guidance in the Prairie Pothole Region

April 20, 2023

JWM: Bear hunting doesn’t decrease conflict in Ontario

The number of reports about human-bear conflict actually increased in some areas after a pilot bear hunt was reinstated

April 13, 2023

The May issue of the Journal of Wildlife Management

Check out articles on advances in satellite technology for monitoring wildlife, red wolf survival, male elk survival and more

April 7, 2023

JWM: Mapping gray bat migration patterns

Researchers combined an extensive set of data in a first-of-its kind effort to map gray bat movements

March 15, 2023

WSB: Spray can help keep the polar bears away

Researchers examined historical records to determine how effective bear spray is on polar bears

February 27, 2023

Wild Cam: Where do sloth bears den?

Female sloth bears may sometimes take risks to gain access to better resources

February 15, 2023

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February 10, 2023

WSB: Counting Nubian Ibex in the Judean Desert

Trail camera and GPS collar tracking reveal effects of drought on Israeli ungulate population

February 9, 2023

WSB: Harassing geese may not keep them away

In Chicago, geese just went to the park for a while

February 2, 2023

JWM: Many herps in SW U.S. may lose a fifth of habitat to climate change

Climate change will likely affect reptiles and amphibians that don’t disperse far