Texas butterfly center worries about border wall

Environmentalists worry a section of the proposed border wall between Mexico and the United States will cut through a Texas butterfly sanctuary. The 100-acre National Butterfly Center hosts over 200 species of butterflies. But the center says a portion of the wall would cut through the center, putting its ecosystem of subtropical bushlands in jeopardy. The wall would “eradicate an enormous amount of native habitat, including host plants for butterflies, breeding and feed areas for wildlife and lands set aside for conservation of endangered and threatened species,” the center says on its website. The British newspaper The Guardian reports that the project includes a 30-foot-tall concrete and steel wall, roads and a 150-foot “enforcement zone” where it says “all vegetation will be cleared.”

Read more in the Guardian here.

Header Image: A pale-banded crescent butterfly (Anthanassa tulcis) appears on a branch at the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas. ©Alan Schmierer