T-shirts campaign supports Recovering America’s Wildlife Act

The Wildlife Society is joining with other members of the Alliance for America’s Fish and Wildlife to raise awareness and support for the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (H.R. 3742) by launching a t-shirt campaign.

Caroline Murphy, AWB®, TWS’ government relations manager, shows off the new t-shirt as part of the Alliance for America’s Fish and Wildlife campaign Courtesy Caroline Murphy

The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act will provide dedicated funds to state and tribal wildlife agencies to work on at-risk species conservation, monitoring and recovery before species become endangered. The new t-shirt campaign will help raise the profile of this groundbreaking legislation among the general public and raise funds to support the alliance and its partners’ efforts to advocate for the bill in Congress.

Wildlife professionals, students and others can continue raising awareness of the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act through this t-shirt campaign,” said Keith Norris, director of wildlife policy and communications at The Wildlife Society. “Wearing this shirt is a proactive way to help build support for this essential legislation that advances science-based conservation of wildlife.”

Sean Saville, campaign manager for the Alliance for America’s Fish and Wildlife, wears his new campaign shirt as he explores the shores of the Potomac river with his son. Courtesy of Sean Saville

The Alliance for America’s Fish and Wildlife and its member organizations, including TWS, continue to call on Congress to pass this game-changing legislation. This t-shirt campaign will work alongside social media outreach, direct congressional engagement and other coordinated efforts — which have already produced positive momentum in Congress for the legislation.

Reintroduced in February 2019, the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act has seen tremendous advancements in this Congress thanks to its continued national and grassroots support.

More than 180 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have signed on in support of the legislation as a result of the alliance and partner efforts — including TWS and several TWS organization units. After advancing through the House Natural Resources Committee markup in December, the bill now awaits a full floor vote by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Shirts can be purchased at recoverwildlife.com. The 100% recycled shirts are available for $25.00 in both blue v-neck and charcoal crew neck styles.

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Header Image: The piping plover (Charadrius melodus) was identified as a species of greatest conservation need in 35 states in 2015. ©Jim Hudgins/USFWS