Recovering America’s Wildlife Act:
A 21st Century Model of Wildlife Conservation Funding

State and tribal wildlife agency professionals and their partners work tirelessly on the conservation and management of wildlife populations for the benefit of the American public. A bill that will match this ethic with adequate financial support is in line for movement this Congress.

The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act will bring much-needed resources to wildlife professionals tasked with conserving the diversity of America’s native species. These resources will fund multi-stakeholder efforts to conserve and monitor these at-risk species, known in states as Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN), in order to work toward reversing population declines.

What’s at stake

Since 2000, state and tribal wildlife agencies have pulled from a much smaller funding stream known as the State and Tribal Wildlife Grants program. This program is vulnerable to the whims of congressional appropriators, and is typically only funded at about $70 million annually. Such limited funding only provides state agencies the ability to address a few of the SGCN projects deemed necessary within their conservation action blueprints, known as State Wildlife Action Plans. This problem is amplified in tribal agencies, where no federal funds exists that agencies can utilize annually for long-term conservation planning.

The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act aims to drastically change this dynamic. This legislation would:

  • Provide $1.3 billion in dedicated funding annually for the implementation of state fish and wildlife agencies’ wildlife action plans.
  • Provide $97.5 million in dedicated funding annually for tribal agencies to work on at-risk species recovery.
  • Allot 10% of dedicated annual funds towards the implementation of a competitive grants program aimed at fostering regional cooperation among states.
  • Leverage funds from state agencies, universities, and non-governmental organizations to boost the power of federal conservation spending.
  • Provide greater regulatory certainty for industry and private partners by conserving species and avoiding the need to list them under the Endangered Species Act.
  • Empower wildlife professionals to hold the nation’s wildlife in the public trust for generations to come by providing state and tribal agencies with the flexibility to conserve populations in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

How to get involved

TWS members can:

TWS chapters and sections can:

Please email to share any action you have taken on behalf of TWS or if you have any questions on how to take action.

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