Paul Smith’s College TWS Chapter helps salamanders cross the road

How does the salamander cross the road? With the help of the Paul Smith’s College TWS Chapter.

Every spring, student members of the chapter help bring salamanders to safety by carrying them across a busy road in upstate New York. This time of year, amphibians are emerging from their burrows after a winter hibernation, looking for a vernal pool to live and mate in. But they face threats of being struck by vehicles on the busy Keese Mills Road.

This year, not only is the chapter helping the salamanders, but they’re also teaching the public about the amphibains and their conservation, especially since the animals are facing threats of both ranavirus and chytrid fungus, which are deadly to them.

The Paul Smith’s College students recently put on an educational event that involved an Easter egg hunt, obstacle course, activities and educational talks about climate change and diseases affecting amphibians.

As part of the obstacle course, children jumped from the inside of one hula-hoop to another to experience how hard it is for amphibians to cross roads.

Read more in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

Header Image: Paul Smith’s College TWS Student Chapter helps salamanders cross the road during the spring. Credit: Dave Huth