Learn about the natural history of Catalina Island

The Western Section of The Wildlife Society will co-host a guided workshop on Catalina Island August 5 to 8, 2019.

This four-day immersive workshop will introduce participants to the natural history, conservation efforts, and cultural prehistory of Santa Catalina Island, the largest of California’s southern Channel Islands. The trip is geared for people aged 18 to 94 with a strong interest in natural history. Experts will be pointing out anything from plants to bugs to flints to scat. Participants can expect to engage in hands-on outdoor activities, and all must be physically fit to walk up to several miles a day in 80 to 90-degree weather, ride bumpy roads and boats, and snorkel (no previous experience necessary).

Early registration lasts until July 5 and costs:

$960 for Section members
$995 for non-members
$672 for students or early career professionals

To register click here. A flyer with more information is also available here.

Contact Ivan Parr at workshops@tws-west.org with any questions.

Header Image: An ocean view from the shores of Catalina Island. ©Everett Carrico