Interior’s international wildlife council to meet

The International Wildlife Conservation Council will meet for the first time on Friday at the main Interior Building in Washington, D.C.

The department’s newest advisory council was formed in December 2017 to provide advice and recommendations to the Interior secretary “regarding the benefits that result from United States citizens traveling to foreign nations to engage in hunting.” Its 16 members represent organizations interested in wildlife, conservation and hunting, including the National Rifle Association, Conservation Force and Safari Club International. Some member affiliations are listed nonspecifically as “tourism, outfitter, and/or guide industries related to international hunting” and “wildlife and habitat conservation organization.”

The posted agenda for the upcoming meeting outlines general topics, listing international wildlife conservation programs and wildlife trafficking as discussion items. A final agenda will be posted at a later date.

See the meeting notice at the Federal Register.

Header Image: The interior Department will hold its first international wildlife conservation advisory council meeting on Friday. ©NCinDC