Geographical Location: Canada

October 26, 2023

Development pushes one Blanding’s turtle population to the brink

The Ottawa turtles will likely reach “quasi-extinction” in the next decade

October 19, 2023

New system better detects polar bear dens

Denning is a vulnerable time for polar bears

October 11, 2023

Wildlife Vocalizations: Sara Gagné

Childhood salamander hunts led Gagné to pursue a career as an urban ecologist

October 10, 2023

Gray wolf recovery brings new management challenges

Scientists suggest creating zones for different types of gray wolf management

October 6, 2023

WM: Roads and food sources important for grizzly success in B.C.

Managers can close roads in the backcountry to benefit grizzlies but leave others open for recreation

October 2, 2023

Fires can be stressful to wildlife

Mule deer had high stress hormone levels amid B.C. wildfires

September 28, 2023

Don Barnes wins 2023 TWS Jim McDonough Award

Don Barnes has been selected to win the 2023 Jim McDonough Award for years of service and participation in various levels of The Wildlife Society. Barnes first became a member...

August 21, 2023

Small, migratory birds may be vulnerable to climate change

Those species may have trouble as weather becomes warmer and more unpredictable

August 18, 2023

Climate is shifting 4,000 years of polar food stability

Archaeological remains reveal how the Canadian Arctic’s food web has changed

August 9, 2023

Q&A: Documenting the ‘anthropause’

Mark Hebblewhite was among 175 scientists observing how COVID lockdowns affected wildlife