Geographical Location: Africa

January 19, 2024

Kenya seeks to relocate 21 black rhinos

The critically endangered species requires large areas to roam

January 17, 2024

Drones and AI can improve wildlife monitoring efforts in Botswana

A view from above can help tackle alternative methods for wildlife population counts including black and white rhinos

December 14, 2023

JWM: Swimming pools boost South African bat numbers

Artificial water sources could help populations experiencing a drought

July 17, 2023

JWM: Saharan gazelles need large tracts of protected land

Prolonged drought may be affecting these desert-dwelling gazelles

April 25, 2023

What’s in a name?

Could naming animals boost public support for conservation?

April 21, 2023

Lion confirmed in region of Chad after two-decade absence

Adult female appears healthy, and may have crossed the border from Cameroon

April 10, 2023

What brings turtles out to bask at night?

Researchers studied the recently reported behavior in turtles around the world

March 13, 2023

Endangered Madagascar songbird rediscovered

The dusky tetra was found in two different sites in Madagascar’s tropical forests

August 10, 2022

TWS2021: Zoos provide healthy painted dogs gene pool

African painted dogs are among the most endangered canids in the world. These predators range widely, albeit thinly, in various pockets of the continent in the wild. The largest contiguous...

July 29, 2022

JWM: Trail cameras can help scientists estimate elephant density

At a shoulder height of nearly eight feet, an elephant may seem easy to spot. But these giant mammals are surprisingly cryptic in the forest ecosystems they occupy. As a...