DOI forms new hunting and shooting sports advisory board

The U.S. Department of the Interior has announced the establishment of a new panel that will advise the secretaries of Interior and Agriculture on conservation endeavors that benefit wildlife resources, encourage government and NGO partnerships and benefit recreational hunting and shooting sports. This body, the Hunting and Shooting Sports Conservation Council, will have a very similar charge to that of the currently established Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council, which will be dissolved in order to make way for this new body.

The Service’s announcement specifically tasks the new council with recommending ways to implement recent secretarial orders, such as Hunting, Fishing, Recreational Shooting, and Wildlife Conservation Opportunities and Coordination with States, Tribes, and Territories, and shifts more of the body’s focus towards shooting sports in part by opening up possible positions on the council to stakeholders such as the firearms and ammunition manufacturing industry.

Nominations to the council are due by Jan. 29. To explore the nominations process, visit the Federal Register.

Header Image: ©Bob Wick/BLM