Alaska man allowed to use hovercraft in moose hunt

An Alaska man is free to use a hovercraft to hunt moose (Alces alces), the Supreme Court ruled. Justices decided unanimously in favor of John Sturgeon, who had previously been detained by national park rangers while using a hovercraft on the Nation River, across from the Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. Sturgeon took the case to the Supreme Court, arguing that it’s up to the state, which has jurisdiction over the river, and not the National Park Service, to determine if hovercrafts are allowed. The court concluded that the National Park Service can’t stop Sturgeon from using his hovercraft in this area while hunting moose. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan wrote, “Sturgeon can again rev up his hovercraft in search of moose.”

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Header Image: An Alaska man can now use a hovercraft on the Nation River to hunt moose. ©Emma Forsberg