Video: Working Together to Restore Quail in Texas

Researchers, non-profit organizations, landowners and managers in Texas have joined forces to help restore habitat for the state’s quail populations. Northern bobwhites (Colinus virginianus), scaled or “blue” quail (Callipepla squamata), Montezuma quail (Cyrtonyx montezumae) and Gambel’s quail (Callipepla gambelii), which are all found in Texas, have lost critical native grass habitat to invasive grasses. In response, individuals are working together to reseed and restore those areas in hopes of helping quail populations recover and possibly reestablish themselves in regions where they were once found.

Header Image: A Gambel’s quail at the Jasper/Rodrigues feeders in Portal, Cochise County, Ariz. Image Credit: Brian Henderson, licensed by cc 2.0