Bald Eagles

Video: NASA Helps Survey Bald Eagles

Three times a year, NASA aircraft operations use one of NASA’s helicopters to conduct eagle flights with environmental ecologists to keep tabs on eagle nests. Although the bald eagle population is thriving much more today since its federal protection in 1973, an airborne eagle survey in 2013 determined that a thunderstorm caused three nests to drop too low to the ground—one nest with two babies in it. Because of NASA’s and the environmental ecologists’ efforts, they were able to save the baby eagles, and send one back into the wild.

Video Credit: NASAKennedy

Header Image: The bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), the United States’ national bird, has made a comeback since its federal protection in 1973. To make sure the bald eagle population stays strong, NASA teams with environmental biologists to monitor eagles’ nests.
Image Credit: Carl Chapman via Flickr