TWS will launch public certification database

In March 2022, The Wildlife Society announced a collaboration with Bird Strike Committee USA (BSC-USA) to develop a designation that will expand TWS’ Wildlife Biologist Certification Program’s current opportunities. As part of this effort, TWS will be launching a public certification database.

Current TWS members who hold designation as an Associate Wildlife Biologist, Certified Wildlife Biologist, and/or a Qualified Airport Wildlife Biologist will be able to opt-in to be included in the publicly accessible database. As a default setting, certified members will not be displayed in the database until they have granted TWS permission.

Members will receive an email with detailed instructions to update their settings for the database. Members that opt in to being included in the database will be able to choose how much information is displayed to the public. Members may choose to just display their name, but may also include contact information as well as geographic location. Selections for the information displayed in the database will be able to be made through TWS’ member portal. More details on this process will be made available within the coming months.

Information included in the Qualified Airport Wildlife Biologist Listing previously maintained by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, will be transferred to TWS’ certification database. Members will have the ability to edit this information before it is displayed in the public database.

For questions about certification or to inquire about your current certification status please contact

Learn more about TWS’ Professional Development and Certification Programs.

Header Image: A Canada goose (Branta canadensis) pair at Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge in Wyoming.
Credit: Tom Koerner/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service