Duck Stamp

TWS Signs Letter in Support of Duck Stamp Funds Allocation

The Wildlife Society and 19 other conservation organization and sportsmen’s groups wrote in support of the recently passed Federal Duck Stamp Act, which will increase the price of duck stamps from $15 to $25.

The letter identified opportunities for allocation of increased revenue due to the price increase. Duck Stamp funds are traditionally used for wetland and waterfowl habitat conservation efforts. The letter asks that Secretary of the Interior consider focusing distribution of the increased funds on habitat conservation in the Prairie Pothole Region (PPR). The PPR produces half of the waterfowl in North America, but is experiencing loss of wetlands and native prairie habitat. The increased purchasing power from the price increase could go to protect important, productive waterfowl breeding habitat in this region.

All migratory waterfowl hunters must purchase a Duck Stamp each year. TWS, along with other organizations, had previously written in support of the bill, which was signed by President Obama in December. The new Duck Stamps will go on sale July 1.


Header Image: Image Credit: Neil Mishler, USFWS