The November/December issue of The Wildlife Professional

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Managing national parks and other public lands can be a delicate balance between the needs of wildlife on the one hand and the interests of visitors who come to enjoy the outdoors on the other. In the November/December issue of The Wildlife Professional, we explore the challenges managers face as recreation increases on public land — particularly during this coronavirus pandemic. Can we protect these wild places and still offer visitors a chance to be awed by the natural world?

In this issue, we highlight the challenge of balancing the potentially conflicting goals that face public land managers across North America. As recreation and other uses of public lands continue to increase – particularly during this coronavirus pandemic – what does that mean for wildlife? How can we ensure that wildlife populations and their habitats continue to thrive on public lands that are being increasingly trammeled by humans? To ensure the future of wildlife conservation, we need a public that is interested, engaged and finds the awe that our wildlife bring – and we also have to ensure that the public’s attention doesn’t result in the degradation of our wildlife and wild places.

Other articles highlight Wildlife Vocalizations, a new initiative by The Wildlife Society to highlight and amplify the diversity within our membership and the wildlife profession. Featured articles consider the use of drones in monitoring wildlife damage, how professors can handle online classes through the pandemic and the journey to ban lead ammunition from hunting at Paul Smith’s College. And science writer Joshua Rapp Learn considers new threats facing the northern spotted owl 30 years after its listing under the Endangered Species Act.

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