The May/June issue of The Wildlife Professional

Hurricane Sandy caused major damage at Delaware’s Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge in October 2012. The effort to restore this refuge and other coastal restoration efforts is the focus of the May/June cover feature of The Wildlife Professional, “Turning the Tide.”

The issue also features an article by Managing Editor David Frey that takes a fascinating look at how scientists hope to bring back extinct species like the passenger pigeon.

You also will want to read the article on Montana’s mountain goats by Bruce L. Smith and Nicholas J. DeCesare, describing a recently completed report from 55 years of the state’s records on this iconic North American species.

An article describing management of mute swans in Michigan by authors Dustin Arsnoe and Anthony Duffiney from APHIS Wildlife Services provides a look at what is being done to control the invasive beauties.

And finally, a recent survey of all state wildlife agencies conducted by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies indicates that there’s much to celebrate about efforts to restore the North American river otter to their historic range. The story by John Erb, Nathan M. Roberts and Chris Dwyer of this “otterly successful restoration” is one of the great successes of wildlife management.

Watch for the issue in your mailbox soon!