Sustainable Forestry Initiative honors TWS member

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Inc., has named TWS member Brian J. Kernohan the recipient of the 2018 SFI Leadership in Conservation Award.

The award, announced at the SFI Annual Conference, recognizes SFI program participants and individuals in the United States and Canada for driving conservation results through partnerships.

Kernohan is chief sustainability officer and director of policy at Hancock Natural Resource Group. He was recognized for his leadership and collaboration in research projects focusing water, climate change and biodiversity, and for his role on the SFI Conservation Impact Sounding Board, a group of scientists and sustainability who are part of a project working to quantify the conservation benefits of SFI’s work and the connection to sustainable supply chains.

“It really is impossible to overstate Brian’s contribution to forest conservation,” Paul Trianosky, SFI’s Chief Conservation Officer, said in a statement.

Hancock Natural Resource Group is a partner in the American Bird Conservancy’s Working Forests for The Birds Project, focusing on forest management practices and at-risk bird species in Oregon’s Klamath Mountains and the pine and bottomland forests of the Southeast. Kernohan has also been involved in NatureServe’s Conservation Values of Forests Project, which is developing metrics for assessing ecosystem health. Both projects feature collaborative approaches.

“Brian’s leadership has been critical to growing the necessary partnerships and guiding the science to ensure the value of results,” Trianosky said.

Read the SFI press release here.

Header Image: TWS member Brian J. Kernohan was honored with the 2018 SFI Leadership in Conservation Award. Image courtesy of Brian J. Kernohan.