Wildlife Tunnel

Seventeen Years of Road Crossing Deciphered in Banff

Deer and elk lead the safe-crossing race in Banff National Park, according to a study that examines 17 years of data about animals using safe overpasses or tunnels to cross roads. Deer make up 48 percent of the animals crossing from 1996-2014, followed by elk at 35 percent. Large carnivores like bears, coyotes, wolves and cougars combine to make up 13.5 percent of use of the safe crossing areas. In the whole 17 years, only 18 lynx were monitored crossing and 10 elusive wolverines. Study authors said that the data shows the overpasses have been successful at mitigating some of the dangers of wildlife crossing the Trans-Canada Highway.

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Header Image: Image Credit: B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Flickr