Riparian bird workshop set for California

The California Central Coast Chapter of The Wildlife Society will host a workshop on riparian bird survey techniques and identification June 15 to 17 at Camp Arnaz in Ventura County, California.

Local bird experts Peter Gaede and Jessica Griffiths will present techniques that will help participants learn to bird by ear, with particular attention to identification of special status riparian bird species of the California Coast Region. This workshop will also focus on visual identification, life history, breeding bird activity/nest searches and utilization of correct survey methodology under different real-world scenarios. Workshop fee will include lodging and meals.

The workshop costs:

$450 for Chapter professional members
$200 for Chapter student and early career professional members
$500 for professional non-members
$250 for student non-members

For more information and to register contact Tiffany Whitsitt-Odell at

Header Image: A tricolored black bird (Agelaius tricolor) appears near Conway Ranch, California. ©Matthew Elyash, California Department of Fish and Wildlife