Pennsylvania students travel near and far

California University of Pennsylvania
Jake Newbill

Below is a summary of recent Student Chapter activities within Pennsylvania, which was included in the Pennsylvania Chapter of The Wildlife Society’s Fall 2017 newsletter. The newsletter includes updates from the Student Chapters of The Wildlife Society at California University of Pennsylvania and Juniata College. Photos highlighting Student Chapter activities are also included in the Chapter’s Fall 2017 newsletter.

The California University of Pennsylvania Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society had a busy semester. Ten students and their advisor went to the TWS Annual Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico this past September. The students attended a variety of symposia and meetings while at the conference, all the while networking and building connections to help them in their future careers. In addition, four Cal-U seniors and one alternate student competed in the annual quiz bowl competition, where they took third place.

Since coming back from New Mexico the Student Chapter already has a variety of activities planned. Examples include our annual camping trip in Benezzete, PA and our annual field day at the Roscoe Rod and Gun Club where students are exposed to firearms and are taught how to properly care for and use them. In addition, at the end of October the Cal-U of PA Student Chapter visited the Wilds in Cumberland, OH for a weekend to take an ecological restoration certification course. Other activities the Student Chapter intends to conduct includes a number of small fundraisers, hiking trips, and continuing to work towards establishing our environmental education program.

Juniata College
Sydney Spicer

This has been a busy semester for the Juniata College Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society! We began the year with our own freshman orientation program for students who were interested in wildlife. Over the course of three days, we went mist-netting, searching for fence lizards, owl-calling, kayaking, and marking turtles for research. The program was incredibly successful in introducing freshmen to our student chapter, and getting them to join the organization. Many of them are now playing an active part in student chapter leadership!

Once school began, our student chapter got busier. Our opening campfire was a hit, with mountain pies, hot dogs, and s’mores for all. A few weeks later, ten students took a trip to Hawk Mountain. While there wasn’t much luck in seeing hawks that day, they did have a successful Cabela’s visit to end the trip. Mid-October, 12 of our members took advantage of a beautiful Sunday and went on a canoe float trip down the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River to look for otter signs. We did find a few, but not before we got our canoes stuck too many times to count. Next time, we’ll be sure to avoid water levels that low.

Most recently, a few members of our student chapter took a trip to Assateague Island in Maryland over Fall Break. Although they faced some brutal winds (thanks, Hurricane Nate), they were happily surprised to find that it was the 150th Anniversary of the Assateague Lighthouse. There was cake, free light house visits, and a party all around.

We have a few events planned for the rest of the semester including pumpkin carving at our advisor’s house, a resume workshop for government jobs, a club retreat, and more! After this semester, we’re excited to see what the spring has to offer.

Header Image: ©TWS