Mexican government shrinks funding for science

Government-funded scientific efforts in Mexico are facing significant cutbacks. To free up funds for poverty-alleviation programs, the federal government is cutting 30% to 50% of the funds that institutions, including the National Council of Science and Technology have to cover expenses and salaries for temporary workers. Research centers say they’re rationing electricity, eliminating temporary workers and cutting back on travel and international projects. Others say they’re using crowdfunding campaigns to cover their costs. The measures come on top of a 12% cut previously announced for the national council. “We don’t have money to pay [for] electricity,” Juan Martínez, an ecologist at the Institute of Ecology in Xalapa, tells Nature. To save energy, he says, his institute has barred employees from using air conditioning or charging cell phones.

Read more in Nature here.

Header Image: Wintering monarchs roost in clusters in Mexico, where the government is slashing funding for science programs. ©Lori Nordstrom/USFWS