Meet USFS wildlife biologist Katrina Schultes

For Women’s History Month, the Forest Service is profiling Women in the Forest Service. One of these profiles is of Katrina Schultes, a wildlife biologist with the Wayne National Forest in Ohio.

Katrina is a biologist at the Wayne National Forest’s headquarters in Nelsonville, Ohio. Katrina is involved with monitoring and inventory of various species (including frogs and toads, breeding birds and bats), wildlife data stewardship and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) related responsibilities. She has served as a wildlife specialist on Interdisciplinary NEPA Teams, and a NEPA team leader on various projects. She is also the resident bat specialist. Her bat expertise has come in handy in many ways, including working on abandoned coal mine reclamation projects and dealing with effects on forest management caused by white-nose syndrome.

Learn more about Katrina here.

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Header Image: ©M. Nazelrod