Winnipeg Ignite

Ignite TWS: Ryan Long

“Enlighten us, but make it quick.” — Ignite

Imagine that you’re about to present a talk that shares your passion about a personal or professional wildlife-related experience to over 300 peers and colleagues. However, you have just five minutes and 20 slides that will auto-advance every 15 seconds whether you’re ready or not. You take the stage, the timer begins and off you go.

It’s fun, it’s intense and the crowd loves it! Welcome to Ignite TWS.

Launched as a new event at our Annual Conference in Pittsburgh in 2014, our nine speakers created so much buzz with their talks that we’re doing it again at our 2015 Annual Conference in Winnipeg. This summer, we’ll share all nine presentations at to build up the anticipation for this year’s slate of talks that are scheduled for Wednesday, October 21.

This week’s featured Ignite TWS talk is by Ryan Long on The Fat and the Curious: How (and Why) Nutritional Condition Shapes Herbivore Behavior in a Changing Climate.

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