Fun in San Francisco

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of TWS has recently provided members with several opportunities to learn and engage. Recent events have included a hike to observe Tule Elk at Tomales Point in Point Reyes National Seashore, CA. Members had excellent views the animals and even witnessed some rutting behavior. Members also enjoyed an outing to Mount Diablo where they observed tarantulas and scorpions up close and personal.

On October 3-5th, the San Francisco Bay Area hosted an Advanced Camera Trapping Workshop, which was sold out due to high popularity. The workshop provided participants with a wealth of knowledge, such as how to design a camera trapping study and how to analyze the data. Dr. Susan E. Townsend led the workshop, along with guest lecturers Ken Hickman and Jerry Roe. The following week, the chapter hosted their first annual Gourmet Greens and Beasts Feast. Members of the S. F. Bay Area Chapter (the wildlife biologists) competed against members of The Native Plant Society (the botanists) in a variety of fun competitions, including Tug-of-War and scavenger hunts. Feast attendees were also asked to bring a potluck dish that highlighted a native or non-native ingredient.

Upcoming activities include owling at Point Reyes on November 1st and kayaking Big Break on November 9th. For more information on events and how to join please visit

Sources: Matthew P. Bettelheim, Past-President/Chapter Representative to Section,