Council approves changes to CWB renewal requirements

The Wildlife Society is proud to be able to support the development and advancement of wildlife professionals throughout their careers, and the Professional Certification Program is just one of the ways the Society recognizes its members. Last month during its fall meeting, TWS Council approved changes to both the Certified Wildlife Biologist renewal and Professional Development Certificate applications. These changes were developed in an effort to ensure that the requirements of TWS’ certification program appropriately and effectively encourages wildlife biologists to enhance their skills and pursue continual learning opportunities to remain current in their field.

As of October 2018, members have the opportunity to record continuing education units (CEUs) in six professional activity categories:

  • Category I: Participation in Organized Activities
  • Category II: Leadership of Organized Activities
  • Category III: Mentorship Activities (previously a subcategory under Category I)
  • Category IV: Publications Activities
  • Category V: Self-Directed Activities
  • Category VI: Professional Service Activities

Originally, members were only able to list CEUs in Category I of the CWB renewal application  and  in Category I-V of the Professional Development Certificate application. The addition of the mentorship subcategory was approved in September 2017 and retained as its own category during the most recent update of the applications.

The minimum number of total CEUs required to receive a new certificate every five years will remain the same for both programs – CWB renewal requires at least 80 CEUs, while the Professional Development Certificate requires at least 150.

Renewing and retaining your certification with The Wildlife Society demonstrates your commitment to excellence within the profession through continued learning and professional development. Current members are eligible to apply for CWB renewal if they have previously been approved as a Certified Wildlife Biologist with The Wildlife Society. Renewal is required every five years for all CWBs who were not grandfathered in under the certification requirements prior to 2000.

The Professional Development Certificate is recognition by the Society that an individual has gone above and beyond in staying engaged in the wildlife profession over the past five years. Applicants do not have to be certified in order to apply. At the end of the five year timeframe, a new application can be submitted for a new certificate.

If you have any questions about these programs or your current certification station please contact Jamila Blake, Professional Development Coordinator, at

Learn more about TWS’ Professional Development and Certification Programs.

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