Call to action: Your new TWS Network Online Directory

The new TWS member benefit that will revolutionize networking opportunities for members has been in the works for months. Now we need at least 5,000 members to update their member profiles before we can launch it.

The TWS Network Online Directory will be an incredible tool for members, featuring a robust search engine that will help you connect with other TWS members by location, area of focus, employer type, and other relevant factors based on each members’ TWS database profile.

Once enough members have updated their profiles, the directory can help you make valuable connections for collaboration, search for jobs, find mentors and more! It will include a private email messaging system that delivers email to you without disclosing your contact information to the sender. You can then decide if you want to reply and share your contact information and continue the conversation.

So far, 1,400 members have updated their profiles. The faster members populate their profiles, the sooner we can launch the directory! So don’t wait! Click the button below to update your profile today!