Birding walk brings together LGBTQ community

A “Let’s Go Birding Together” walk in New York recently brought together members of the LGBTQ community to share a love for birding. The walk, which took place June 23 in Central Park, was one of a series of bird walks that took place throughout the country deliberately welcoming the LGBTQ community and allies as part of Pride Month. These events started in 2016 by a community education director for Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center with the purpose of making birding accessible and inclusive to everyone. Aside from the New York event, Audubon staff helped organize LGBTQ birding walks in Los Angeles; Seattle; Columbus, Ohio and elsewhere. “Biodiversity makes our ecosystem stronger, and our diversity makes our community stronger,” organizer Jason St. Sauver told

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Header Image: A birding walk brought together the LGBTQ community during Pride Month. ©Ana Raquel S. Hernandes