Arctic fox breaks records with over 2,000-mile journey

An Arctic fox fitted with a tracking device recently moved at the fastest rate ever recorded for the species on its 2,000-mile journey from Norway to Canada. The Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus) left Spitsbergen in Norway’s Scalbard archipelago on March 26, 2018, made it to Greenland by April 16, then arrived in Ellesmere Island in Canada on July 1. It traveled a total of 76 days. The researchers said this is one of the longest Arctic fox journeys ever recorded, with the fastest movement rate recorded for this species. It traveled at an average of about 28.8 miles a day, but one day, in northern Greenland, it traveled as much as 96 miles. The species moves across sea ice and glaciers, and researchers are concerned about how climate change may affect their future travel.

Read more in The Guardian or read the paper here.

Header Image: Researchers tracked an Arctic fox on its 2,000-mile, 76 day journey. Image ©Jon Leithe/Norwegian Polar Institute