Announcing the March 2016 issue of the Wildlife Society Bulletin

The March 2016 issue (Vol. 40.1) contains 25 papers on a wide array of subjects including a special section titled “Risks Posed by Captive Cervids” that developed from a special session convened at the 2014 Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society in Pittsburgh. The special section reviews and highlights potential threats, ethical considerations, and public perceptions associated with the practice of raising deer and other cervids in a production setting.

Other papers describe original research on a range of conservation issues for a mix of species including common warthogs, resident Canada geese, Indiana bats, and wild turkeys.

The Tools and Technology section includes papers that on methodologies for counting snowshoe hares, monitoring Brachyramphus murrelets, detecting anurans, trapping terrapins and remote imaging to count white-tailed deer.

Subscribers can access the entire issue by logging into the TWS member portal.

Two open-access papers are available to all members.

Cryptic impact: Visual detection of corona light and avoidance of power lines by reindeer
Simulated effects of releasing pen-raised deer into the wild to alter population-level antler size